Cool Down Your Heating Bill With More Efficient HVAC

Efficient home heating

Many of us experience a seasonal struggle wherein we find ourselves battling the temptation to turn on our heating or AC for some relief from the elements. If you’re anything like me, though, you just don’t want to touch that thermostat, because it means spending money. But did you realize that the most efficient home heating and cooling isn’t so much about refusing to use your climate control as it is about having the right HVAC equipment in place in your home.

An energy efficient home uses every bit of heating and cooling power to deliver ideal ventilation, without wasting any energy or letting treated air escape from your ventilation system into areas where it’s not needed. Also, whether you have central air or one or more window units, efficient home cooling is partly about knowing th Continue reading

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Maximizing Heat While Minimizing Your Bill

Energy efficient home

Room temperature, the most comfortable and healthy temperature for humans, hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While humans can survive at temperatures that deviate from room temperature, those temperatures are usually uncomfortable and can cause health problems. Efficient home heating and efficient home cooling can keep the home of a person at the optimal temperature.

While people like to be comfortable, they generally would prefer not to sacrifice the health of the environment for that comfort if they have a choice. Even more so, people like to save money where they can. That is why efficient home heating systems are so alluring. The more energy efficient home heating is, the less it will cost to heat the home.

In finding efficient home heating, people look for sources of heat that can generate the necessary warmth while using the smallest necessary amount of energy to do so. People also look to make their home more energy efficient by making it so that hot or cold air, depending on what the temperature is outside, does not escape as easily. By covering windows and other openings to the outside world, people can help their home to hold its temperature better.

People need to heat their homes. Doing so as efficiently as possible seems obvious. Seeking efficient home heating can help a person to have a warmer home and pay less for it.

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Suffolk Sheet Metal, Inc. in Suffolk VA


Suffolk Sheet Metal, Inc.

309 Granby Street

Suffolk, VA 23434


Local Business Picture

Suffolk Sheet Metal, Inc. originated some 80 years ago as a sheet metal fabrication company. The name and location are still the same but the company has changed it’s operation.

In March 1970, Cola Cobb purchased the business and changed the operation to heating, air conditioning and electrical installation and service. In 1991, Cola Cobb’s son Ray joined the company. Together they provide heating and cooling equipment of various types: gas, oil, electric baseboard, air-to-air, geothermal and dual fuel equipment are some of the different systems available.

In addition to heating and cooling systems, Suffolk Sheet Metal provides electrical service installations, upgrades and repair. Additional features include humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, gas fireplace logs, generators and many other services to provide efficient comfort at home and work.

Suffolk Sheet Metal is a licensed Class A contractor in Virginia and North Carolina in both mechanical and electrical. Suffolk Sheet Metal is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Qualified Gas Contractors Association. We are a drug free workplace.

Suffolk Sheet Metal’s service technicians are well trained, certified personnel that are involved in continuing education programs to keep abreast of the most current industry information available. Suffolk Sheet Metal offers continuing education to all employees allowing them to be current in their area of service.

For 42 years we have been serving our community and the surrounding areas not only through work at Suffolk Sheet Metal but with various non-profit organizations as well.

We strive to follow the golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

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House Cleaning Services to Rejuvenate Your Home

House cleaning fort collins

Fort Collins residents who are looking to do a bit of “spring cleaning” may do well to consider Fort Collins cleaning services. For those in the area who are in the market for quality house cleaning fort collins has professionals who can help you get your house looking immaculate.

Perhaps your abode needs to start feeling like a home again, and not just a place to dump your stuff and go to sleep before going off to work again. Fort collins commercial cleaning services have the materials and cleaning methods at their disposal to have your house feeling like new again.

For prompt house cleaning Fort Collins doesnt have to look far. The cleaning team you choose can assess what needs to be done in your house, and then execute a plan quickly and with no inconvenience to you. Whether your home is large or small, or what kind of surfaces need to be cleaned, house cleaning fort collins can get your job done the right way.

Feel free to discuss your experiences with house cleaning services in the comments section below. If you have any questions, those are certainly welcome as well.

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Six Tips for Landscaping in Tampa, FL

Landscape design tampa

A hot, humid climate like that of Tampa, Florida deserves special consideration when planning landscaping. Here are six things to think about for Tampa landscape design.

1. Invite a Breeze

There’s nothing more welcome than a cool breeze in the middle of a Florida summer, so the first rule in Tampa landscaping is to let it blow. Avoid blocking the wind with tall, dense, or wide trees, especially in front of the windows. One exception might be to channel a breeze down a tree lined walkway, or to place trees near walls, but not windows. Another wind related concern in Tampa landscaping comes during hurricane season. Avoid placing anything that might do damage to your house in high winds very close to the structure.

2. Create Shady Spaces

Creating another consideration for landscape design tampa is known for very sunny days. Trees, placed far from the home, or a trellis draped in lush greenery provides a place to get out of the heat and enjoy the outdoors. Look for trees with tall trunks and wide spreads that will provide shade without blocking a breeze. Crape Myrtle and Empress trees both grow tall very quickly and provide curb appeal as well as shade.

3. Grow Something

In terms of landscaping Tampa has a distinct advantage. The high precipitation in Tampa’s hot, humid climate means that plant life needs little watering and irrigation. Low flower beds will do well. Perennials that react well to the Florida climate include firewitch, golden shrimp plants, plumbago, and purslane.

4. Avoid Tall Shrubs

Though they provide a stately look to your home’s exterior, tall shrubs are best left out of Tampa landscaping. High shrubs not only block the wind, but contribute to the level of humidity. Instead, consider low palm plants which tend to look more natural in Tampa landscaping.

5. Keep What Grows Naturally

Save yourself a headache by retaining the natural plant life in your yard. There is nothing more aggravating that tearing out the same growth year after year. One joy of Tampa landscaping is that plenty of beautiful plant species occur naturally and flourish with little care, so allow the natural grasses and ground cover to grow where they naturally occur. Light maintenance will suffice to keep them looking their best.

6. Reduce the Amount of Sod

Using less sod in your Tampa landscape design will conserve water, as grass requires frequent watering in hot climates. Natural grass species are a better environmental fit, eliminating the need for intense lawn upkeep. An added bonus is that a reduction in the presence of sod is likely to attract more of Tampa’s beautiful bird life to your lawn. Welcome them with feeders and bird baths to enjoy a colorful display!

For those interested in landscaping Tampa FL has plenty of interesting challenges and wonderful natural benefits. Don’t forget to consider the climate when planning landscape design in Tampa or anywhere else!

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Many Options for Michigan Shower Doors

Michigan custom shower doors

The history of showers actually starts with water falls. Falling water from falls was found to be more efficient and clean than washing in a basin. In ancient times, people would replicate this process by pouring water on themselves. Ancient Greeks were the first people to use pipes to pump water into shower rooms. The first modern shower was used in 1860 by the French army. Today, showers are often preferred to baths because they are quicker and use less water. The average shower uses 80 litres of water, while baths use 150.

Shower doors are doors used to keep water inside of a bathtub or shower. They are an alternative to shower curtains, which are cheaper but often allow water to escape. Michigan shower doors can be constructed out of a range of materials, including tempered glass, aluminum, clear glass, and plexi glass. Michigan glass shower doors are designed not to crack or break easily. They can also have different hardware finishes in order to match other parts of the bathroom.

Michigan frameless glass shower doors are a popular option because they create a unified appearance to the room, rather than breaking it up with the appearance of a frame. They allow beautifully constructed showers to be fully seen as an integral part of the room. Frameless Michigan shower doors are just glass doors with handles in the middle.

Michigan sliding shower doors can be an interesting departure from standard shower designs. These doors, instead of opening up like a drawer, slide into each other. These can be especially handy if your bathroom is short on space.

Finally, Michigan custom shower doors are an option for people who need something very specific. These Michigan shower doors can fit unconventional shower sizes, wrap around corners, be hexagonal, or use unique colored or patterned glass.

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