Upgrade Your Living Room to Spend More Time With Your Family

Area rugs for dining rooms

Spending time in the living room is a great way for a family to bond. Whether they are hanging out on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching a movie or spread out on the floor playing a challenging board game, the living room has the ability to bring families together. Nowadays, with kids and parents alike having busy schedules that pull them apart, time spent together is at a premium. Because of that, homeowners might want to make sure that they have a comfortable room that everyone enjoys. Though designing a new living room can be tough, there are lots of design tips available to help parents out.

Get Comfy Furniture

Of course, the best way to make a room comfortable is to, quite simply, get some comfortable furniture. The Continue reading

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As Energy Prices Rise, Making Efficient Use of Your Energy Is More Important Than Ever

Efficient home heating systems

Energy prices are on the rise, and it’s no secret. The U.S. Energy Information Administration warns that the residential retail price of electricity in 2013 is expected to grow by 2.2 percent to an average of 12.1 cents per kilowatthour, and that prices will grow by another 1.5 percent in 2014. According to American Electric Power, some of the factors leading to this price increase include higher generating fuel costs (like coal and gasoline), and environmental concerns.

According to the U.S. Government’s Energy Star Program, the average family spends more than 1,000 dollars annually on heating and cooling costs, which is nearly half of the total energy bill. Much of this expenditure comes from poor energy conservation, which means that the average home owner can quickly trim this expense down Continue reading

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