Three Ways to Make Sure Your Electrical System Works Properly

residential electricalEven though residential electrical systems are more reliable thanks to design and quality improvements, most homeowners just don’t maintain them the way they should. You see, these residential electrical systems operate just fine for years and years with little to no maintenance at all, so most homeowners will only take action when the system fails or something else goes haywire. Even in such scenarios, homeowners just want their residential electricians to fix or replace only whatever’s busted, so that the system can quickly get back into operation.

Too often people experience problems with their system that could’ve been prevented with regular maintenance checkups! What makes this problem so mind boggling to electricians is the fact that homeowners can easily do simple things that help prevent such power failures. Having regular maintenance performed on residential electrical systems is just one of many ways homeowners can ensure that their systems work ever so smoothly for years to come. Here are a few others!

Don’t Misuse Extension Cords. 
If you’re using an extension cord to power a few things, make sure that they’re not running simultaneously. Some people think it’s okay to plug multiple extension cords into one another, but the outlet simply can’t provide that much power. Extension cords are meant to increase a wire’s range — not provide electricity to everything.

Get Some Surge Protectors. 
Surge protectors protect whatever’s plugged into them from voltage spikes. Short circuits, lightning, tripped breakers, and power outages can all cause these voltage spikes, which can ruin any devices or appliances that are plugged in to the residential electrical system.

Dust Regularly. 
It might seem like a relatively small thing — menial, even — but dust is actually one of the major causes of device failure. It can creep in and clog filters, causing them to malfunction or work inefficiently. What’s more, it can also increase the risk of an electrical fire occurring.

Any and all residential electrical contractors can tell you about the sheer value of preventive maintenance. If you heed these tips, your system will be just fine. If you have any questions about these residential electrical tips, feel free to ask in the comments.

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Why Going Green Matters to the Cleaning Industry

green cleaning serviceIf you had to guess how many professional cleaning services there are in the United States, how many would you say? If your guess was 854,266, you’re right! But with that many options, it might be a bit strenuous to try to choose the best one to suit the unique needs of your house. That’s why we’ve come up with a rule of thumb to go by when picking a new cleaner: When in doubt, always go green.

Yes, the green cleaning industry is burgeoning, and it’s about time. Residential maids, hotel cleaning staffs and expert stain removers have been cleansing with harsh chemicals for far too long, according to the Environmental Working Group. Lingering fumes from some products have even been linked to aggravating asthma, and some chemicals even contain known carcinogens that can pose serious health risk down the line for otherwise healthy individuals.

That’s why it pays to find the local green cleaning services in your area. And here’s why it matters.

Cutting Down on Pollution
Plenty of professional home cleaning services boast getting your home as germ-free as a surgical operating room. But it’s worth asking yourself: at what cost? Sink cleaners disappear down the drain and pollute water sources. Fabric sprays are released onto couches and clothing, then travel up into the sky, mucking up the air.   Of course, pollution isn’t something that can be stopped entirely. Humans simply can’t exist on the planet and not make a bit of a mess. But we can lessen the amount of pollution we’re actually causing, and that’s exactly what green cleaning services aim to do. By choosing an environmentally friendly company to do your cleaning, you’re committing to cutting down on your footprint — an important step to ensuring the future of the planet.

Helping Those Who Do the Cleaning
Green cleaning services exist to benefit the customer, of course, as well as the business. But what about the workers who actually do the cleaning? Studies have shown that their health might actually be at risk. Women who work for residential maid services and other cleaning companies while pregnant have a higher risk of birthing babies with birth defects, according to a 2010 study from the New York State Department of Health.  But the more environmentally conscious the business, the more those kinds of problems can be avoided. In today’s world, however, it’s nearly impossible to cut our dependence on chemical cleaning products entirely, which is why green services try to offer a more balanced approach. This nets the customer a healthier, more organic end result; plus, it protects the health of the employees with the scrub brushes in their hands and buckets of cleansers by their sides.

The path to a world full of more organic cleaning services is still being built, but luckily for you, it’s easy to find the entrance way. All you need to do it search the web for green cleaners in your area. And the best part? Target recently announced an effort to carry more organic and sustainable cleaning products, meaning you’ll be able to get the supplies you need anytime, anywhere.

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