4 Rules for Keeping Up With the Roof Above Your Business

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Roofs are important. They protect us and cover us and our families, businesses, belongings, equipment and whatever else is inside the building. Finding out that you need roof repair is not a welcome piece of information. Especially if it is your commercial roof. Replacement roofs can be pretty expensive and if you’re not expecting to have to do it, it could even get you into debt. However, there are a few ways that you can save money when if comes to your roof.

Choose the right commercial roofing company.
This is important. Before settling down with the company that you are going to use, you need to compare the different companies out there to make sure you get the best price for quality. Each co Continue reading

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What Is at the Top Of Your Home Improvement Project List?

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Refinish the wood floors in the kitchen and the entryway.
Restain the kitchen cabinets.
Replace the carpet in the whole house.
Replace the moisture damaged linoleum in the upstairs Jack-and-Jill bathroom.
Tear down and rebuild the deck.
Create a plan and finish the basement.
Repaint the entire interior of the home.
The list is long, extensive, and expensive. Everything on it, however, is necessary. Unfortunately, in the 19 years that you have been in your home you have many of the small home maintenance projects slide. And while you have managed to build up quite a bit of equity in your home, it is definitely not in the shape that is should be. With a growing list of repairs and replacement projects, you have decided to prioritize. With an effort to get the most bang for your Continue reading

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Autumn is Coming 3 Issues Autumn Leaves Can Cause Around Your Home

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Summer is still in full swing, but every day brings you, and your trees, closer to autumn. While the season is revered for the beauty of its falling leaves, they can often be as annoying as they are beautiful.
Autumn should be a season of cozy nights by the campfire with warm apple cider, not a season of maintenance issues around your home. To be prepared for the coming season, here are three autumn leaf issues you should be wary of.
Clogged Gutters

There are few tasks as disliked as cleaning the gutters. However, during the spring and especially during autumn, Continue reading

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Water Well Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

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If you and your family rely on a private ground water well, you are certainly not alone. There are more than 15 million households around the United States who do. Ground water is used by all private wells. If you have a well already or if you are considering putting one in, you should know that it will be your responsibility to keep it well maintained. Should yours become contaminated with foreign materials, substances or even surface water, it can get into and contaminate both your well and the aquifer making it dangerous for a much larger number of people. The best well digging services recommend the following tips to keep wells running as they should.

Do not service your well yourself.

Many people who put in wells assume they can take care of most of the proble Continue reading

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New Studies Link Fracking and Asthma

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While many have been touting the effect that domestic hydraulic fracturing drilling companies have had on the economy, others have been roundly skeptical about the long term effects that fracking has on the environment and also on humans. Now a new study has shown a correlation between the occurrence of asthma symptoms and fracking. According to a new study by Johns Hopkins University, people that are in close proximity to fracking drilling companies increase their likelihood of suffering an asthma attack by about four-fold.

This new research data comes from a line of studies that are focused on examining the health implications that are associ Continue reading

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How to Turn Your Mediocre House into Your Beloved Haven

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While everyone may have some sort of idea for what they want their dream home to be like, many people do not see that dream realized right away. Often times it takes work and quite a bit of time, effort, and patience before the end goal is reached. And for some first time homeowners, the price tag is the most significant factor. Being able to buy a home and provide the shelter over your own head is admirable, but sometimes achieving that comes at the cost of the ideal vision you might have for the look, style, and function of your home. Figuring out how to transform your shelter into your sanctuary takes care and planning.

Updating the rooms in your house one by one

Chances are, if did not have the money to buy that mansion you had your eye on and you had to settle on bu Continue reading

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