Did You Know A Single Household Leak Can Increase Your Water Bill By 10%?

Plumbing repairs

There’s nothing quite like the winter season. Soothing rainfall giving way to mounds of pure white snow, the countless holidays and the delicious seasonal food — what’s not to love? Unfortunately, many homeowners can think of one thing. With wet weather and extreme cold comes broken pipes, backed up toilets and leaks aplenty. Because of this, emergency plumbing services tend to see a lot of business during the Christmas season. After all, you’d rather spend more time hanging out with friends and enjoying the warmth of a good fireplace than picking away at leaks beneath your sink!

Common Water Usage

Did you know a whopping 30% of indoor water use is attributed to toilets alone? Think of that next time you flush twice! Other common sources of water use include, but aren’t li Continue reading

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Five Benefits of Using Ground Protection Mats

Camper jack pads

Have you ever used alturnaMATS ground protection mats? If the industry you work in routinely does anything outdoors, you’re answer is either, “Yes, alturnaMATS ground protection mats make my life an infinity times better.” or we’re about to rock your world.

When your work is conducted in the great outdoors, you don’t get to choose what type of weather you are subjected to. When you have a project to get done during a rainy or snowy season, water mixes with Earth and makes mud. Lot’s of mud. Mud as far as the eye can see. When you put your heavy machinery in the middle of that, it becomes a sticky situation. We’re talking a landscaping-destroying situation. We’re talking a mud-all-up-in-the-critical-parts-of-your-expensive-equipment situation. We’re talking a hard-to-get-the-project-done-because-everyt Continue reading

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Roof installation Everything You Need to Know

Home improvement companies in michigan

If you are someone who is interested in improving your current roof, or learning some roofing tips, then you have come to the right place. Despite what type of home you have ,everyone needs their roof to be in tip top shape! Luckily, roofing is a big business, and there are more than 50,000 roofing companies that are well-versed in the installation and repairs of roofing, siding and sheet metals. This is important for homeowners to know, because everyone needs a roof that is safe and protective. Keep reading below so you can learn the ins and outs of the roofing business and make sure the the roof over your head is doing its job!

Tips for Working with Roofing Companies: Everything You Need to Know

    1. First and foremost, make sure you understand the importance Continue reading

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5 Important Reasons that You Should Buy a Commerical Generator for Your Business

Electric generators

There are so many unexpected things that can happen during life, power loss is not something that you should have to encounter. This is because it’s avoidable. There are many things in life that are inevitable but power loss can be completely avoiding with one piece of equipment; a generator. If you own a business then this is crucial for you to have. Commercial generators can literally save your business. Here are a few reasons why having residential generators or commercial generators is a good idea.

It can protect your business during a off hours.
Getting a generator that is permanently installed is a good idea. There are generators that actually monitor the connection to the electricity power so that if there is a loss of power, the generator will automatically fire up without manual Continue reading

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