What You Need to Know About Radon

Moisture barrier for crawl space

There are a lot of things that homeowners have to worry about when it comes to protecting their families from dangers. There are some that are very obvious such as keeping the roof in one piece and installing windows and doors that cannot be penetrated by burglars. There are others that are not so obvious such as radon gas. The problem, say radon testing companies that while it is a very dangerous substance, many homeowners never know it is a problem in their homes.

The Reviewandnbsp;is reporting on the problem and what homeowners can do about it. They say that even when homeowners (and renters) have no idea that there may be dangerous radon gas in their homes, it can be there and be Continue reading

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How Often Does Your Trash Service Pick Up Your Garbage?

Grand rapids garbage

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
At this time of year, however, many Americans are trying to make use many ideas about the items that clutter their homes. From new gifts that are real treasures, to old items that have not been used forever, many Americans see the beginning of the new year as a time to sort out the oldest items to make room for the new. And after donating things that can still be used by someone, much that remains is left to the commercial trash service. Left at the curb in both recycling bins and large garbage cans, commercial trash service employees are extra busy in the days and weeks surrounding the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s.
Depending on where people live, commercial trash service regulations v Continue reading

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What it Takes to Replace a Sink

Installing ice makers

It’s no easy feat to replace sinks. There are various things that you have to know that only expert plumbers would be trained in. If you have corrosion problems or some other irreparable issue, you’ll end up having to replace sinks in your home. However, you really should hire a professional to do the job right. Replacing your sink involves the following steps:

  • You have to measure the sink you have to make sure your new sink has the same dimensions as well as drain locations. If it doesn’t you’ll have to update your counter tops and plumbing.
  • If you are replacing the faucet, sprayer, Continue reading
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Re-Roofing Can Increase a Home’s Return on Investment

Siding contractors

Roughly 88% of homeowners view their houses’ exteriors as a single unit rather than the sum or its parts. This includes all of the exterior architectural components such as roofs, windows, doors, and other features, such as siding. When roofs need repairing or replacing, this can make a major difference in a house’s overall appearance and perception.

When it’s time to replace a home’s roof, durability is the number-one factor for 88% of individuals that participated in a recent survey. The second most important factor is longevity, which was indicated by 83% of the survey participants.

A large percentage of homeowners, approximately 72%, want their new roofs to only require a small amount of maintenance or no maintenance at all. Maint Continue reading

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3 Draining Solutions for a Flat Roof

roofing materialsRoofing contractors know that simply selecting the right roofing materials can result in a 30% decrease in your home’s energy needs. And guess what? The same goes for your commercial building as well. Choosing the right materials for your commercial facility is essential, and many commercial building owners go with a flat asphalt roof.

Unlike other kinds of roofs and roofing materials, a flat roof doesn’t have physics on its side when it comes to drainage. Without a slope to direct water down and away, a flat roof is at risk of serious water damage. It needs a proper drainage system for rain and snow to prevent pooling water, which leads to leaks and roof membrane damage. Here are a few commercial roofing solutions for proper drainage.

  1. Interior drainage system
    Interior drains are installed near the center of the roof to move water through an internal network of pipes and gutters, which guide the water back to the exterior of the building. A strainer typically sits on top of the drains to prevent debris from entering the pipes and clogging them. The interior drainage system is a great solution because the pipes effectively collect the water while being totally hidden from view.
  2. Plant carriers
    If you’ve already got a drainage system in place, use plant carriers to improve the process in an eco-friendly way. The carriers have a netting of biodegradable fibers in which seeds are planted. The roots from those seeds soak up the moisture from the roof, eliminating a great deal of standing water while the rest is taken care of by the main drainage system.
  3. True sloped insulation
    This method can be more expensive because it requires the installation of additional insulation underneath the roof itself. The insulation is made out of ISO board, EPS board, or wood fiber. It is used to create a slope that acts as a ramp to guide water down and away from the roof.

The task of choosing a flat roof drainage method shouldn’t be taken lightly. Consult your building design team or roofing contractor before installing any sort of drain or insulation.

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Simple and Easy Office Moving Tips

Moving company spokane

Moving offices can be a hassle, no matter if it is a local move or a long distance move. Here are some easy office moving tips to make your life stress free in the weeks up to the move.
1. Plan your move as early as possible. You will want to plan ahead because planning an office relocation takes about six months. Plus, in order to get packing services and local movers involved, you will want to be flexible and have time.

2. Hire a mover who can provide their own resources and manpower. While you may ask your employees to pitch in, it can be more beneficial to the business as a whole if they provide movers so everything can get done in the hours after everyone has left the office.

3. Always hire a movi Continue reading

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