The Most Important Parts of Construction

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Construction can be a dangerous and messy business but it can also be incredibly rewarding and interesting. There are a lot of different components that go into construction, from the start to finish, and, even if you aren’t a construction worker, it pays to know a little about them. The more you learn about how your buildings and world is constructed, the safer you’ll be if something goes wrong. Knowing even a little bit, such as what it means when a mini excavator is for sale or what a loader is, might help in the most unexpected of circumstances. What follows is a list of the basic steps of construction and the tools it takes to build even the largest of buildings. It’s no small feat to put up a skyscraper, after all. There are plans and orders that happen years in advance of any physical steps. Continue reading

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4 Housing Improvements to Make This Spring

Construction projects

Are you looking for a housing project to complete this spring? Spring is the perfect time to make needed improvements to the house. It is also a good time to make improvements to the house that may not otherwise be needed, but can improve the value or efficiency of the house. The following house construction projects are easy enough to DIY, but produce great value increasing and energy bill reducing outcomes.

Full plumbing inspections

Plumbing problems can result in a lot of damage and thousands of dollars in costs. That is because a plumbing problem is not as easily to diagnose as other types of household problems. Usually, but the time a problem is noticed, it is already a huge problem that requires extensive full service plumbing work. You can inspect your own plumbing systems to Continue reading

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Maximizing Limited Bathroom Space With Small Bathroom Vanity

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According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, a mid-range bathroom renovation happens to be a wise investment when you finally sell your house. The report also indicates that an average bath remodels of $16,128 will recover about 72.5% of those costs. This means that any effort you put in bathroom remodeling is going to pay off eventually. However, coming up with creative ideas to spice up the look of your bathroom can be a bit of a challenge. It’s therefore, necessary to consult widely and look for options that will not only suit your preference but also fit the size of your bathroom.

Generally, most remodeling projects done on bathrooms will revolve around items such as tiling, lighting, sink, and cabinetry. These are some of the elements that contribute to the theme and overall Continue reading

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Easy and Simple Small Kitchen Design Ideas

kitchen designMore than three-fourths of all homeowners choose to invest in a kitchen remodel when they are renovating their home. However, it is easy to feel fresh out of ideas if you have a kitchen that is quite small. So here are some of the best small kitchen designs to incorporate into your home today.

A tiled floor or ceiling
Take advantage of patterns! With small rooms, patterned wallpaper may be a little too much, so choose the ceiling or the floor to add a splash of fun. This design can be something that complements your walls and other decors, or it can be something completely unique that adds an unexpected flair.

Subway tiling
Don’t want to commit to a fully decorated ceiling or floor? Go with a simple subway tile accent wall instead. This can serve as your backsplash behind your oven and will even make the room look larger if you choose tiles the same color as the wallpaper.

A hanging rack
Instead of having bulky cabinetry, consider installing a hanging rack to put your larger pots, pans, and utensils. This will instantly free up tons of storage space while giving off an easy and laid back country-chic vibe.

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best-kept secret as they make any small room look large instantly! The easiest way to use this idea in your kitchen design is to invest in mirrored cabinetry and your space will look bigger in no time.

A breakfast nook
This tip is especially helpful if you have a full dining room. Instead of the clunky kitchen table, choose a small and streamlined breakfast table for two. You’ll save space but still have a cozy vibe in the room. The same idea goes for investing in a kitchen island during your home remodel– you’ll have the same amount of seating for a fraction of the space.

Floor to ceiling shelving
Go as high as you can for your shelving! You’ll be able to store more than you ever thought imaginable. Simply get a ladder if you can’t reach.

Our kitchen design anchorage AK professionals are the best at what they do, no matter the area in question! From tub remodeling to kitchen cabinetry, we are the ones to call for all your home renovation needs!

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Minor Upgrades to Update Your Living Room

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Are you tired and bored of your current living room design? When we spend a lot of time in our living rooms, we can quickly tire of a design and decorating pattern that we once enjoyed. It is usually not very cost effective to upgrade and completely redo the living room, every time we get bored. We would go through a lot of materials, funds, and time. When you get bored of your living room design, consider upgrading minor details of the room, rather than completing a full remodel. The change will satisfy you until it is time for a full renovation.

Upgrade the paint color
Painting is a simple task that you can complete yourself. The color of the walls can also quickly change the overall look of a room. If you currently have a modern look with greys and tans, con Continue reading

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5 Tips For Fireproofing Your Home

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Keeping your home fireproof is just as important as regular roof repair and storm damage prevention. Even small oversights can cause a fire, potentially causing serious harm your home and family. Fortunately, you can protect your home with diligent inspection and maintenance. From blowing out your candles to following a FRT wood replacement schedule, these basic tips are meant to improve your fire prevention and preparedness tool kit.

  1. Watch Candles Closely: Candles are a lovely way to keep your home feeling warm and smelling fresh. The open flame, however, poses an obvious fire hazard. If you choose to burn candles be sure to watch them carefully and blow them out when you are finished with them,
    especially w Continue reading
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Not Sure What Heating and Cooling System You Need? Contact an HVAC Professional for Recommendations and Installation

Skilled workers

Have you just moved into a fixer-upper? Or perhaps you’re ready to remodel one or more rooms in your existing home. Either way, you may have realized that your residential heating and air conditioning systems are not up to par.

While some homes have combined heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), others may have separate units. Still others may have separate air purification systems to reduce and/or remove allergens and other contaminants from one or more rooms.

If you have a separate natural gas furnace, which is the most common in the United States, you may be aware that these tend to last between 15 to 18 years. If yours is around this age or older, you may want to purchase a new high-efficiency Continue reading

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