Are You Looking for a Way to Add Comfort to Your Home?

Retractable patio shade

There is no doubt about it. People love to relax in the great outdoors and enjoy all the beauty that mother nature has to offer. However, the temperatures of the summer can sometimes become oppressive. If you are looking for a way to increase the comfort of your home, improve your defense against the cancer causing rays of the sun, and reduce your air conditioning costs, look no further than awnings for homes.

  • Shield Your Eyes and Your Skin
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    Did you know, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, two million Americans are diagnosed with at least one skin cancer annually? Sun awnings can help. They can reduce UV rays by 77%. Subsequently, they reduce your chance for disease related to the suns harsh rays. Awnings for decks, for example, allow you to sit outside on a beautiful summer night by cutting glare by 94% and keeping the heat from your delicate flesh.

  • Cut the Need for A/C
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    House awnings placed near windows can reduce the internal temperature of your home by eight to 15 degrees. What does that mean for your wallet? It means up to a 25% decrease in your air conditioning costs. Why should you need to pay to keep your house from feeling like an oven if you do not have to?

  • Keep Comfy
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    Imagine that you want to sit on your patio on a particularly scorching August night and simply read a book. The problem? The sun is coming right at you and threatens to turn you into well-done bacon. By using awnings for homes, or patio shades, you can keep things comfortable and enjoy your night.

  • Bonus: Improve Your Home’s Beauty
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    Shutters and awnings for homes are not only practical but beautiful. Shutters, movable wood or metal coverings, keep sunlight out of your house when closed. They can be matched to the theme of your home. Imagine cabana style shutters to match your California-style home. Utilizing light colored, yet thick curtains within your home can add a flair of seasonal color to your rooms while keeping them cool from the inside. You can be practical and stylish!

If you are looking for a way to improve what should be relaxing nights on the patio, look no further than awnings for home. Not only can they protect you, but they also lower your utility bill and add beauty to your abode. What are you waiting for? Get comfy with awnings for homes immediately! Read more.

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