Eco Friendly Products What Makes them Safer

Paint chip samples

Toxins seem to be everywhere that you look and in every product that you buy. These toxins are everywhere and can cause a variety of health issues even for normal healthy people. Eco friendly products such as eco friendly polyurethane clear coat finishes, are better for humans, wildlife and the environment. Just as toxic substances cause many health concerns, read below to see the benefits of using eco friendly polyurethane clear coat finishes for your projects.

Chemicals are in a variety of projects including floor paint, deck paint, gloss varnish and ot Continue reading

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Three Considerations In Business Lighting

Pond lights

Any company needs to consider both interior lighting and exterior lighting for businesses. When thinking about lighting, there are three big issues that need to be balanced: attracting the right sort of attention and business, providing a lighting design that is good for employees, and saving money.

Attracting the Right Sort of Attention

It is exterior lighting for businesses that will usually do the most to attract customers, clients, partners or other outsiders to consider your company. Exterior lighting for businesses needs to feel both welcoming and safe; but you need to avoid anything garish or that looks like an obvious waste of energy. If done right, exterior lighting Continue reading

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If You Don’t Know What Radon Is, You Need To

What is radon

Many people around the country have not even heard of Radon. It might sound like the latest villain in the Marvel Universe, but it is a very real problem that people all around the country need to become familiar with.

Radon is a naturally occurring chemical element with the symbol “Rn” on the periodic table. It is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and can emanate from underneath your home without you even knowing it. Testing for radon is the only way you will know if it is present.

More than something that might simply be annoying, radon can be deadly. The Surgeon General’s Office, along with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, has reported that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the nation. According to the US EPA, radon is responsible for as many as 20 Continue reading

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What To Do With Leaking Pipes

Sump pump repair colorado springs

Across the nation, more and more people are finding value in the concept of being efficient with energy. There is no doubt that this is due to a shift in culture and relates to the ever-increasing rates of people who are recycling materials as well. Keep in mind that a Houzz survey recently revealed that nearly 91% of all people are planning to install energy efficient toilets during remodeling their bathroom.

Every year people will get involved in home improvement projects because they want to improve the infrastructure and quality of their home. A recent National Association of Home Builders Survey revealed that almost 70% of all home improvement jobs were done on kitchens. This stat makes kitchens the second most requested renovations job in the United States.

Something that need Continue reading

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Household Plumbing Issues From Household Leaks to Damaged Sewer Lines

Emergency plumber

There’s a long illustrative history associated with the development of indoor plumbing. According to historical records, indoor plumbing actually dates back to 2500 B.C. or even earlier. Even though plumbing systems have clearly advanced since that time period, an occasional issue, such as household leaks, may still arise.

While a small percentage of homes have leaks that can be fixed easily, many homeowners don’t have them attended to immediately. A recent survey showed that ten percent of homes within the United States have leaks that are wasting 90 or more gallons of water every day. Fixing these, and other types of easy-to-correct leaks can save water as well as money. Recent figures indicate that when homeowner attend to these types of leaks as soon as they notice them, it can potentially reduce t Continue reading

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Important Winter HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance

Unfortunately, regular HVAC maintenance is something many homeowners forget about it. This can lead to a decrease in air quality as well as a less efficient HVAC system. Winter is an important time of the year to perform necessary HVAC maintenance if you want to keep your house warm. This article is going to discuss a few ways you can ensure your HVAC system is ready to run efficiently all winter long.

One of the first things you should do is clean or replace the air filter in your furnace. While this should be done on a regular basis all year long, it’s especially important during the winter months. If the air filter is clogged with debris, your furnace is going to be forced to work harder than it normally does. When this happens, your energy bills can significantly increase. Because of this, replacing dirty air filters and completing any required furnace repair tasks is essential. Continue reading

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Here’s Why Regular Home Pressure Washing is a Must for Homeowners

Cincinnati gutter cleaners

Many homeowner’s underestimate the beating the exterior of their homes take. But after years of being exposed to harsh weather, sun, and the elements, a home’s outward appearance can begin to look a little lackluster. Dirt, dust, and grime can build up over time, and the paint may begin to chip while the color fades. Fortunately however, a good exterior cleaning can breather new life into a home’s exterior.

Also known as power washing or house washing, home pressure washing is great way to revive a dull-looking home exterior and provides a number of other benefits. Here are just a few:

Increased curb appeal

Books are judged by their covers, and homes are judged on good their exteriors look. Even if a home a stunningly beautiful interior, an exterior with peeling pa Continue reading

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How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Short-Term And Long-Term Storage

motorcycle storageUp to 35% of American households own three or more vehicles while the average family owns two. Unfortunately, not many households and driveways have enough room to shelter all these vehicles including motorcycles.

Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles can only be ridden during certain times of the year. Although Texas is renowned for its warm weather, the lower winter temperatures can sometimes be too much for some riders. It’s for this reason that many riders will choose to place their bikes in motorcycle storage for the season.

However, before you place your bike in motorcycle storage it’s essential to properly prepare your bike. This can help to prevent damage, especially if you’re keeping your bike in motorcycle storage for longer than a few months.

Empty the fuel tank

Whether or not you choose to keep fuel in your motorcycle’s tank while it sits in vehicle storage depends on how long you plan to store it for. For instance, a few months in storage may be fine to keep a little gas in the tank.

However, if you’re placing your bike in outdoor storage or enclosed storage for a long period of time, it may be in your best interest to empty the fuel tank. This is because gas, when kept in the fuel tank, can cause condensation and rust damage to your bike over time.

To prevent rust during short-term storage, consider using a fuel stabilizer in the gas tank before you place the bike in storage. To circulate the stabilizer, ride the bike for a few minutes and then finish preparation by filling the tank.

Prop up your bike

You can cause permanent damage to your bike’s tires if you simply park your bike in an open air storage facility. This is also true if you keep your bike stored regularly in your garage.

An immobile bike places pressure on a single spot on the bike’s tires. Even when re-inflated, the tires won’t be able to re-shape because the rubber has shifted.

To prevent tire damage, keep your bike on a center stand. This will help reduce the pressure on the wheels and keep them from changing shape over time.

If your bike is taking up space in your garage or if you don’t have the right space to keep it dry and safe from hail, consider using motorcycle storage. Contact Toy Box Storage today for more information on available space.

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AC Maintenance Helping Many AC Systems

Emergency ac repair

More than two-thirds of all homes in the U.S. have air conditioners, and that percentage is even higher in states that have a warmer climate. You’d be hard-pressed to find homes in places in Florida, Arizona and most parts of Texas without air conditioning. If you have an air conditioner or a central HVAC system, you should expect it will last at least 10 years or more, but you also have to expect that at some point you will need residential ac repair and maintenance. It is important to take care of your ac unit so that it operates at maximum efficiency and lasts as long as possible. This is why it is essential to seek out the best in AC maintenance before it’s too late!

When AC Maintenance is Necessary

Research shows that about 20-40% of energy could be sucked right out of an air condi Continue reading

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Top Reasons For Power Washing Your House

Cincinnati roof cleaning

Have you been thinking about power washing your house? Maybe you’ve been considering it, but you keep telling yourself it’s probably just something that could be great, but not a necessity. Keeping the exterior of your home clean can actually do wonders for it, and in ways that can actually last well into the future. You want your house to not only look great on the inside, but to give a great look to the rest of the community. You want your house to stand out and you want to be proud of how good it looks. It’s not necessarily all about aesthetics, either, as it can also be a great investment that can help you financially.

If you need some reasons to take the dive and pay for a house washing company, here are the m Continue reading

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