You Need a New HVAC Unit, and Here’s How to Choose

St. pete ac repair

Did you know that about 20% of homes that were built during the 1980s still have their original air conditioning units — which are in many cases, now either 30 years old or quickly approaching?

Although the years pass by before we know it, an important thing to keep in mind is that HVAC technology has made important jumps forward in the last several decades. Imagine if you were still using a computer from the 1980s — not pretty! So why are you dealing with your old HVAC? Just because you don?t have to look at it, doesn?t mean an upgrade isn?t worth your time.

The important thing to note, of course, is that current models are far more energy efficient on average than older models. Their design is intended to save you money. This time around, you should also learn everything you need to k Continue reading

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