Five Benefits of Using Ground Protection Mats

Camper jack pads

Have you ever used alturnaMATS ground protection mats? If the industry you work in routinely does anything outdoors, you’re answer is either, “Yes, alturnaMATS ground protection mats make my life an infinity times better.” or we’re about to rock your world.

When your work is conducted in the great outdoors, you don’t get to choose what type of weather you are subjected to. When you have a project to get done during a rainy or snowy season, water mixes with Earth and makes mud. Lot’s of mud. Mud as far as the eye can see. When you put your heavy machinery in the middle of that, it becomes a sticky situation. We’re talking a landscaping-destroying situation. We’re talking a mud-all-up-in-the-critical-parts-of-your-expensive-equipment situation. We’re talking a hard-to-get-the-project-done-because-everyt Continue reading

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