Smaller Is Better When It Comes to Remodeling for Value

Mosaic wall tiles kitchen

When you are looking to do renovations to make your home more marketable to potential buyers, you want to do projects that add the most value relative to what you spend. Many people mistakenly think that they have to do big projects to add value to their home, but the opposite is generally true. Some of the projects that add the most value to your home are relatively minor. Here are some of the best projects for adding value to your home.

One of the best projects for creating value for your home is one of the smallest. Replacing your front door will cost you less than $1,000 and will boost your home’s value by about what you spend on it. That’s proof that you don’t have to spend a ton to add value to your home.

Another rather small project that will give you a good value boost is to repair Continue reading

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