Six Tips for Landscaping in Tampa, FL

Landscape design tampa

A hot, humid climate like that of Tampa, Florida deserves special consideration when planning landscaping. Here are six things to think about for Tampa landscape design.

1. Invite a Breeze

There’s nothing more welcome than a cool breeze in the middle of a Florida summer, so the first rule in Tampa landscaping is to let it blow. Avoid blocking the wind with tall, dense, or wide trees, especially in front of the windows. One exception might be to channel a breeze down a tree lined walkway, or to place trees near walls, but not windows. Another wind related concern in Tampa landscaping comes during hurricane season. Avoid placing anything that might do damage to your house in high winds very close to the structure.

2. Create Shady Spaces

Creating another consideration for landscape design tampa is known for very sunny days. Trees, placed far from the home, or a trellis draped in lush greenery provides a place to get out of the heat and enjoy the outdoors. Look for trees with tall trunks and wide spreads that will provide shade without blocking a breeze. Crape Myrtle and Empress trees both grow tall very quickly and provide curb appeal as well as shade.

3. Grow Something

In terms of landscaping Tampa has a distinct advantage. The high precipitation in Tampa’s hot, humid climate means that plant life needs little watering and irrigation. Low flower beds will do well. Perennials that react well to the Florida climate include firewitch, golden shrimp plants, plumbago, and purslane.

4. Avoid Tall Shrubs

Though they provide a stately look to your home’s exterior, tall shrubs are best left out of Tampa landscaping. High shrubs not only block the wind, but contribute to the level of humidity. Instead, consider low palm plants which tend to look more natural in Tampa landscaping.

5. Keep What Grows Naturally

Save yourself a headache by retaining the natural plant life in your yard. There is nothing more aggravating that tearing out the same growth year after year. One joy of Tampa landscaping is that plenty of beautiful plant species occur naturally and flourish with little care, so allow the natural grasses and ground cover to grow where they naturally occur. Light maintenance will suffice to keep them looking their best.

6. Reduce the Amount of Sod

Using less sod in your Tampa landscape design will conserve water, as grass requires frequent watering in hot climates. Natural grass species are a better environmental fit, eliminating the need for intense lawn upkeep. An added bonus is that a reduction in the presence of sod is likely to attract more of Tampa’s beautiful bird life to your lawn. Welcome them with feeders and bird baths to enjoy a colorful display!

For those interested in landscaping Tampa FL has plenty of interesting challenges and wonderful natural benefits. Don’t forget to consider the climate when planning landscape design in Tampa or anywhere else!

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