Why is it Necessary to Conduct a Sewer Inspection for Older Homes

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The purpose of sewer inspection is to determine the condition of sewer lines and to establish if the entire system if is functioning as its supposed to. Not so many first-time homeowners ask for sewer inspection and this is a mistake that often leads to the future high cost of inspection and repairs. Typically, home buyers will hire a home inspector, but the sewer lines are almost an afterthought if it ever crosses a home buyer’s mind at all.

Sewer line inspections have become a standard common practice of the pre-purchase inspection period. Experts advise that the most appropriate time to do a sewer inspection on a prospective home is during the negotiation stage, and not after buying a home.

Normally, it’s wise to obtain a sewer inspection if the house you are planning to buy is more than 20 years. Continue reading

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