Many Options for Michigan Shower Doors

Michigan custom shower doors

The history of showers actually starts with water falls. Falling water from falls was found to be more efficient and clean than washing in a basin. In ancient times, people would replicate this process by pouring water on themselves. Ancient Greeks were the first people to use pipes to pump water into shower rooms. The first modern shower was used in 1860 by the French army. Today, showers are often preferred to baths because they are quicker and use less water. The average shower uses 80 litres of water, while baths use 150.

Shower doors are doors used to keep water inside of a bathtub or shower. They are an alternative to shower curtains, which are cheaper but often allow water to escape. Michigan shower doors can be constructed out of a range of materials, including tempered glass, aluminum, clear glass, and plexi glass. Michigan glass shower doors are designed not to crack or break easily. They can also have different hardware finishes in order to match other parts of the bathroom.

Michigan frameless glass shower doors are a popular option because they create a unified appearance to the room, rather than breaking it up with the appearance of a frame. They allow beautifully constructed showers to be fully seen as an integral part of the room. Frameless Michigan shower doors are just glass doors with handles in the middle.

Michigan sliding shower doors can be an interesting departure from standard shower designs. These doors, instead of opening up like a drawer, slide into each other. These can be especially handy if your bathroom is short on space.

Finally, Michigan custom shower doors are an option for people who need something very specific. These Michigan shower doors can fit unconventional shower sizes, wrap around corners, be hexagonal, or use unique colored or patterned glass.

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