Bamboo Flooring and Accessories With Different Styles and Colors from Which to Choose

Natural bamboo flooring

If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional wood flooring, have you considered natural bamboo? Since only 16% to 20% of the bamboo crop is harvested every year, this leaves over 80% remaining. Furthermore, given its consistency, strength, and density, it is an excellent choice for homeowners that want to have a warm, natural look and feel throughout their house.

There are several advantages of natural bamboo flooring. At the top of the list is its Janka rating. It’s important to note that when woods are harder and denser, they are less likely to become dented. This can make a significant difference in homes where there is a lot of foot traffic, furniture moving, and other activities that may cause floors to become dented.

Consider the average Janka hardness ratings of th Continue reading

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