What Is at the Top Of Your Home Improvement Project List?

Sandblasting services

Refinish the wood floors in the kitchen and the entryway.
Restain the kitchen cabinets.
Replace the carpet in the whole house.
Replace the moisture damaged linoleum in the upstairs Jack-and-Jill bathroom.
Tear down and rebuild the deck.
Create a plan and finish the basement.
Repaint the entire interior of the home.
The list is long, extensive, and expensive. Everything on it, however, is necessary. Unfortunately, in the 19 years that you have been in your home you have many of the small home maintenance projects slide. And while you have managed to build up quite a bit of equity in your home, it is definitely not in the shape that is should be. With a growing list of repairs and replacement projects, you have decided to prioritize. With an effort to get the most bang for your Continue reading

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