Terrazzo Flooring is Attractive and Utilitarian

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Terrazzo flooring is a popular and attractive type of flooring material that dates back 1500 years. It was used by Venetian workers as a low cost flooring material. It is also long lasting and easy to maintain. Unlike carpeting and even wood floors, terrazzo and travertine flooring take very little effort to keep clean. The best way to clean terrazzo floors is a simple sweep-and-mop. Especially for warmer climates, terrazzo and travertine tile cleaning is easy and with a little effort, they can be kept looking new and polished for years.

Terrazzo flooring has a long history
Terrazzo is a composite material using a binder that holds together chips of marble, granite, glass, quartz, etc. The type of chips and binder used give the flooring its distinctive appearance and Continue reading

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