How A Landscape Renovation Can Improve Your ROI And Reduce Your Energy Bill

Retaining wall design

Our surroundings are important to us. They’re how we express who we are on the inside, even as we keep our secrets close and our friends closer. They’re how we make others feel comfortable, whether it’s at work or on your home’s patio. All in all, design is something that impacts us every single day of our lives. Landscaping not only knows this, it goes out of its way to make sure beauty and elegance is available in every corner. If you’ve asked yourself how landscaping design ideas can improve your home, you’re already well aware of the positive effect shrubbery, color and texture can have in any given place.

Did You Know?

How familiar are you with retaining w Continue reading

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Renovate Your Pool Today and Be the Neighborhood Hero

Swimming pool builders

When you get to be an adult and you look back on your childhood, one of the first things that come to mind is the way you spent your summers. Many people look back very fondly on their summer days as a child because a great many of us spent at least part, if not the whole, of our summertime swimming in a pool of one kind or another. Swimming is the number one recreational activity for kids between the ages of 7 and 17. Kids love to swim. It was true years ago and it is still true today.

For those who didn’t have a pool of their own, maybe they community pool was the place to be. Maybe it was a grandparent’s pool that was the sanctuary whenever family trips were made to their house. If it wasn’t a pool at the grandparents, then maybe it was a neighborhood friend who invited you and your other friends ov Continue reading

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The history and future of heavy industry

Strut cushion clamps

We live in a far more complex and intricate world than we give ourselves credit for. Things that seem incredibly simple to us are actually technical and marvelous works of art with thousands of parts that move in simultaneous motion. Everything from air compressor tubes to strut cushion clamps to compressor piping to cell phones to the engines of our cars are pieces of machinery that actually extend far back in time. Put another way, these machines actually have their routes far back in the distant past, in places we don’t essentially give them credit for. We often forget that things we love and take for granted didn’t actually exist before about a hundred years ago and things we really love, li Continue reading

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Bamboo Flooring and Accessories With Different Styles and Colors from Which to Choose

Natural bamboo flooring

If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional wood flooring, have you considered natural bamboo? Since only 16% to 20% of the bamboo crop is harvested every year, this leaves over 80% remaining. Furthermore, given its consistency, strength, and density, it is an excellent choice for homeowners that want to have a warm, natural look and feel throughout their house.

There are several advantages of natural bamboo flooring. At the top of the list is its Janka rating. It’s important to note that when woods are harder and denser, they are less likely to become dented. This can make a significant difference in homes where there is a lot of foot traffic, furniture moving, and other activities that may cause floors to become dented.

Consider the average Janka hardness ratings of th Continue reading

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Don’t Want to Use Pesticides? Here are Some Alternatives

Organic lawn care barrington

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a well-manicured lawn. However, many homeowners struggle to keep their lawn healthy and employ pesticides or other chemicals to enhance its appearance. Indeed, almost 70 million pounds of pesticides are put on lawns in the United States annually — that’s ten times the amount that our farmland receives, if you compare acre to acre. Unfortunately, all those pesticides and chemicals can take a serious negative toll on the environment — for example, between 60-70 million birds are killed due to pesticide poisoning every year in just the United States. Turning to organic lawn careContinue reading

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From Window Installation to Siding Popular Home Improvements

Chicago window companies

A recent survey showed that nearly 2/3 of homeowners in the United States are planning to renovate their houses. In some cases, these home improvements may consist of repairs, while in others they may be substantial upgrades.

Whether these homeowners are renovating to improve the quality of their homes or because they want to improve their chances of selling, home windows and doors are both excellent projects with which to begin.

The National Association of Home Builders 2012 Remodeling Market Index indicated that window and door replacements were a common choice for home improvements during that year. These projects comprised 44% of all requested renovation jobs.

When they are constructed of high-quality materials and properly-maintained, windows tend to last 20 years or longer. You Continue reading

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The Leading Cause Of Lung Cancer Could Be Right Under Your Very Nose

Sump pump installation company

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Despite this startling fact, many Americans are unaware of radon gas and the effect it has on their homes. Odorless, colorless and tasteless, this naturally occurring chemical is both hard to detect and incredibly dangerous when left unchecked. If you have at-risk populations in your home, such as children or the elderly, it’s imperative you take a proactive attitude and contact your local radon mitigation company as soon as possible. Radon gas is no joke and can increase the likelihood of lung cancer in a matter of months or years, that of which has deadly consequences for many in the country. Let’s talk radon mitigation and how a simple test could be all you need to feel more secure.

The Prevalence Of Ra Continue reading

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Don’t Let Slow Drainage Leak Money From Your Pockets

Plumbers west palm beach fl

Slow drainage from pipes and other plumbing issues have been around longer than most people are aware of. Plumbing finds its origins in ancient civilizations that used plumbing to create and implement public baths, drinking water, and drainage of water for a large number of people. Some of those civilizations include the Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian, and the Chinese. Since plumbing has ancient origins, it makes sense that the business is still alive and strong today. Plumbing is important for those who want to save money, most importantly preventing slow drainage. Here are two ways to make sure you are saving money on your plumbing.

Pick The Right Plumbing Company and Pay Attention To Your House

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published a study in which Continue reading

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Should I Repair My AC Or Install A New HVAC System?

Ac repair company

Summer’s almost here. How prepared is your home to face the onslaught of hot weather? Air conditioning maintenance is a yearly chore for many homeowners, but mounting evidence you may want to check it sooner than that. Due to air conditioning system’s notoriously energy hungry models and complex designs, simple issues such as clogged filters or worn-out wires can see you spending extra money on your energy bill and even increasing your risk of a fire hazard. Before you head out to the beach, consider checking with an air conditioning maintenance professional to wipe one more thing off your summer to-do list.

Should I Switch To A High-Efficiency Air Conditioner?

You may ask yourself this question after seeking out AC repair over and over. While it can seem expensive shelling out Continue reading

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Mineral Deposits And Bacteria Everyday Contaminants Affecting Your Daily Water Supply

Reverse osmosis system

It’s easy to take clean water for granted. After all, you likely live in an environment where clean water is not only accessible, but easily obtained and expected. You use it to cook your food, wash your hands and clean your clothes on a daily basis. So what happens when your clean water is put at risk? There are a multitude of issues that can affect your water supply and increase your family’s potential for illness. In order to keep your loved ones safe throughout the year the best whole home water filtration systems are a necessary buffer between you and environmental contaminants. If you’re not sure how they work, continue reading the informative list below to become better acquainted with the functio Continue reading

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