Solar Panel Mounting Brackets and Systems Can Save Money

Solar panel tracking system

Are you thinking about ways you can be more environmentally friendly as well as reducing your energy or utility bills? Today, many people are looking at solar penal systems to let them become more energy efficient.

There are many statistics and facts that can help you make the decision to install solar panel mounting brackets and systems. Those using solar energy save an estimated 35 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. One kW of solar energy produced by solar panels and solar panel mounting brackets prevents 105 gallons of water from being consumed. Germany uses the most solar energy with an estimated 9,785 MW of solar energy panels that are installed.

There are many good economic reasons to consider solar panels as well. Solar panels complete with solar panel mounting brackets produce more than a 200% return on investment over the span of 25 years in the United States. Additionally, many states provide tax deductions for having solar panels installed. This means that you can experience financial benefits above and beyond the savings in electricity bills.

You may be wondering just how solar power systems work. Solar shingle systems use cells that are installed alongside the shingles on your roof. Another option using solar panel mounting brackets use an array of cells. Most of these solar panel systems will have an average lifespan of 30 to 40 years, again making them a good investment.

With any type of solar panel mounting brackets systems, you will need to do regular maintenance to keep them free of debris. This is due to the fact that these systems cannot have the sun blocked from them. Additionally, you will need to make sure that any surrounding trees are not blocking the solar panels from receiving the maximum sunlight.

Solar panel mounting brackets and solar racking systems also need to have adequate ventilation to avoid that the system does not overheat. You will want to ensure that you have sufficient clearance between the panels and your roof.

The best way to find out which system and solar panel mounting brackets will work for you is to consult a professional solar company. They will come out and do a site visit to determine the best solar array for your needs.

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