Your Home Heating and Cooling: More Than Just Your HVAC System

Home efficiency tip

There’s no doubt that your central heating and air play a large part in your home’s temperature. But thinking that they’re the only components in energy efficient home heating systems or energy efficient home cooling systems is a mistake that could cost you hundreds of dollars every season.

Old, drafty windows can be a huge source or energy loss. Investing in new, energy efficient windows may seem costly at the outset, but they easily pay for themselves with two years. Double-pane windows are ideal for trapping an insulating wall of air between the panes, which helps better maintain the temperature inside your house. For even further efficiency, you can cover windows with UV protective film, which can keep the sunlight from converting to heat once it passes through the glass.

Stopping the sunlight before it even reaches the window is also a great way to maximize your cooling efficiency. Retractable awnings over large windows can not only reduce internal heat in the summer, but also over 90% of the glare from sunlight. In the winter, you can retract the awning to benefit from the UV rays. Or you could plant a tree outside your window, which will follow the seasons—leafy shade in the summer and more sunshine through bare branches in the winter.

Assuming your windows are adequately keeping the air where you want it, you can also begin a summer regimen of open windows at night (to let cool air in) and closed windows and shades during the day (to trap the cool air in and keep it from getting heated). This can take the strain off your AC unit, which can in turn take the strain off your wallet from June to September.

Energy efficient home heating and cooling is about more than your heater or your air conditioner. By making sure that the air they condition stays conditioned, you can maximize their working life, and save money in the long run.

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