Who is Mr. Sharpe?

Sylvester Sharpe

Sylvester Sharpe

(424) 201-1646

Are your solar panels sparking instead of sparkling? Are your rainwater bins more like septic tanks? Is your refrigerator running on fossil fuels? Sylvester Sharpe would like to help! Sylvester “The Thunderbolt” Sharpe is a home efficiency expert operating out of the greater Los Angeles area. He operates a company that shows up at peoples’ houses and analyzes their energy output, letting them know how efficiently they’re living. He feels that he’s responsible for vastly reducing the carbon footprint of LA. Now he’d like to bit you with a “Thunderbolt”… of knowledge!

Home Efficiency Tips (The Blog) is a collection of articles and features crammed full of ‘shocking’ information on maintaining clean green energy that won’t strain the environment… or your wallet! If you think you can handle it, then stick around and let Sylvester Sharpe fry your brain… with positive ecological impact!

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