Is Your Cat Sick as a Dog? Why Health Officials are Warning American Homeowners About Mold

How much does it cost to get your gutters cleaned

Are you suffering from a chronic sinus infection? Does it feel like the pressure behind your eyes will never get any better? You may have been exposed to mold for months or even years, experts say. In the course of the past decade, insurance claims that are related to mold have increased more than 1,000%; and more than 90% of all chronic sinus problems do show household mold at the root of the condition. Think that you can avoid mold contamination in your new home? More than one-third of all new houses have mold inside. There is no good mold, according to health officials: any kind of mold can lead to sinus conditions or even asthma.

What is the best way to remove mold from my home? Gutter cleaning is actually a positive first step. Leaves and other debris can b Continue reading

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