Is Your Cat Sick as a Dog? Why Health Officials are Warning American Homeowners About Mold

How much does it cost to get your gutters cleaned

Are you suffering from a chronic sinus infection? Does it feel like the pressure behind your eyes will never get any better? You may have been exposed to mold for months or even years, experts say. In the course of the past decade, insurance claims that are related to mold have increased more than 1,000%; and more than 90% of all chronic sinus problems do show household mold at the root of the condition. Think that you can avoid mold contamination in your new home? More than one-third of all new houses have mold inside. There is no good mold, according to health officials: any kind of mold can lead to sinus conditions or even asthma.

What is the best way to remove mold from my home? Gutter cleaning is actually a positive first step. Leaves and other debris can break down in gutters and mold can grow and spread. Even though you do not have any direct physical contact with your gutters, the mold can spread to roofing shingles and down into your yard. Home gutter cleaning and regular deck cleaning service is a great way to cut down on the mold that grows outside your home. If you maintain a compost pile outdoors, make sure that it’s well-covered during the rainy season: decomposing leaves and sticks can also host many kinds of outdoor mold.

After you attack your gutters, you may want to look into deck cleaning service at least twice per year. If your wood is not properly sealed, you could be growing a colony of mold in the precise area where your family spends much of their time outdoors. House washing companies are often able to pressure wash your deck and garage: wood and concrete top the list of outdoor mold culprits. Regular house washing and deck cleaning service is a must to contain and eradicate outdoor mold: you will also want to make sure that outdoor water barrels are covered and free of ambient debris.

Deck cleaning service calls should not take more than a few hours. Pressure washing and roof cleaning on a regular basis are also extremely important, but what about the mold that grows indoors? Your plumbing can spring a leak inside your home’s walls and you may not be aware of the problem. Call in a contractor who can snake a video camera through your home’s water and sewer systems and see what they have to say. If you feel a tightness in your chest every morning and you are not a habitual smoker, your “chest cold” could be lung damage caused by indoor mold. If there are birds’ nests in your HVAC system, you could also be inhaling mold from decomposing straw; take the time to call your local contractor.

Another way to spot mold poisoning is to watch your pets’ behavior. Are they unusually lethargic? Do they lay in one spot and breathe heavily? Pets that are exposed to mold can display signs of exhaustion: if your veterinarian is having some difficulty diagnosing your cat or dog, it could be mold. Some older homes simply have mold infections in their bones: your inspection should show that there is mold in the structure of the home, but yearly inspections can spot newer mold growth. If your children are having a difficult time catching their breath after playing, it’s worth a visit from deck cleaning service contractors. They should be able to diagnose new mold growth inside your home.

The rates of asthma have tripled in the last 20 years, health officials report. If you are concerned about a sinus infection that won’t quit, contact a local contractor for a thorough indoor and outdoor mold inspection. Your home’s health can impact your own health very profoundly, and it’s worth checking to see if you have mold growing unexpectedly in your home.