Your Home Heating and Cooling: More Than Just Your HVAC System

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There’s no doubt that your central heating and air play a large part in your home’s temperature. But thinking that they’re the only components in energy efficient home heating systems or energy efficient home cooling systems is a mistake that could cost you hundreds of dollars every season.

Old, drafty windows can be a huge source or energy loss. Investing in new, energy efficient windows may seem costly at the outset, but they easily pay for themselves with two years. Double-pane windows are ideal for trapping an insulating wall of air between the panes, which helps better maintain the temperature inside your house. For even further efficiency, you can cover windows with UV protective film, which can keep the sunlight from converting to heat once it passes through the glass.

Stopping the sunlig Continue reading

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As Energy Prices Rise, Making Efficient Use of Your Energy Is More Important Than Ever

Efficient home heating systems

Energy prices are on the rise, and it’s no secret. The U.S. Energy Information Administration warns that the residential retail price of electricity in 2013 is expected to grow by 2.2 percent to an average of 12.1 cents per kilowatthour, and that prices will grow by another 1.5 percent in 2014. According to American Electric Power, some of the factors leading to this price increase include higher generating fuel costs (like coal and gasoline), and environmental concerns.

According to the U.S. Government’s Energy Star Program, the average family spends more than 1,000 dollars annually on heating and cooling costs, which is nearly half of the total energy bill. Much of this expenditure comes from poor energy conservation, which means that the average home owner can quickly trim this expense down Continue reading

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Understanding Your Home Heating Efficiency

Energy efficient home heating

When talking about your home heating system, it is important to understand the relationship between energy efficiency and energy costs. For example, the most efficient home heating systems, according to energy ratings, may not actually be the most affordable.

By federal law, all home heating systems are required to display a value known as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating, or AFUE, so that consumers can more easily compare models. A heating system with an AFUE of 87% will convert that percentage of fuel into heat for the home, while the remaining 13% escapes through chimneys or other exhaust ports. This leads one to believe that the higher an AFUE rating, the lower your energy costs. But there is another factor… what kind of fuel does the system use, and how much does that fuel co Continue reading

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Remodel Your Kitchen Like A True Professional

One of the main reasons that people begin sifting through the best kitchen remodeling ideas is to increase the overall value of their home. A typical mid range bathroom remodel can often bring an ROI (return on investment) between 81 and 102%. The good news for those looking to redo their kitchens is that a mid range kitchen remodel will not be far behind.

Even with astute planning, it can be difficult to know precisely how long a kitchen remodel will take. Homeowners should be sure to allow themselves extra time for any unforeseen setbacks that might occur. The best kitchen remodeling ideas might not take into account that certain walls might end up being load bearing, or that there might be mold behind a set of cabinets.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends that everyone spend six months at the least planning out a kitchen remodel. Without a certain amount of time to plan, people may rush in, which is never wise. It may seem like a good idea to get started right away, but it mistakes are made, it could end up costing one more than they initially planned. It could also end up taking a great deal longer.

For Missouri residents, Some of the best st. louis kitchen remodeling ideas are centered around making a kitchen more convenient than it might have previously been. One of the best ideas are the addition of pull out drawers. Unlike reach in drawers and conventional cabinets, they allow for more storage. If people insist on retrofitting their older, existing cabinets, they can solve the problem by adding in pull out trays!

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4 Easy Tips to Lower Utility Bills

Efficient home heating

In the United States, monthly utility costs are at an all time high. In fact, as of 2011, the average American homeowner will pay $163 a month in utilities and, in many places, that number jumps to more than $200. In Staten Island, where residents pay the highest utility rates in the country, the average home pays a staggering $271 a month. These high payments cause many individuals to invest in and install energy efficient home heating systems to try to cut costs in the long run. However, there are many helpful home efficiency tips that they can use to avoid having to install any new products, especially when it comes to a thermostat.

1. Installing a thermostat timer will allow individuals to save money by cutting down the amount of time that a heating system is running when it does not need to be. A Continue reading

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Cool Down Your Heating Bill With More Efficient HVAC

Efficient home heating

Many of us experience a seasonal struggle wherein we find ourselves battling the temptation to turn on our heating or AC for some relief from the elements. If you’re anything like me, though, you just don’t want to touch that thermostat, because it means spending money. But did you realize that the most efficient home heating and cooling isn’t so much about refusing to use your climate control as it is about having the right HVAC equipment in place in your home.

An energy efficient home uses every bit of heating and cooling power to deliver ideal ventilation, without wasting any energy or letting treated air escape from your ventilation system into areas where it’s not needed. Also, whether you have central air or one or more window units, efficient home cooling is partly about knowing th Continue reading

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Maximizing Heat While Minimizing Your Bill

Energy efficient home

Room temperature, the most comfortable and healthy temperature for humans, hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. While humans can survive at temperatures that deviate from room temperature, those temperatures are usually uncomfortable and can cause health problems. Efficient home heating and efficient home cooling can keep the home of a person at the optimal temperature.

While people like to be comfortable, they generally would prefer not to sacrifice the health of the environment for that comfort if they have a choice. Even more so, people like to save money where they can. That is why efficient home heating systems are so alluring. The more energy efficient home heating is, the less it will cost to heat the home.

In finding efficient home heating, people look for sources of heat that can generate the necessary warmth while using the smallest necessary amount of energy to do so. People also look to make their home more energy efficient by making it so that hot or cold air, depending on what the temperature is outside, does not escape as easily. By covering windows and other openings to the outside world, people can help their home to hold its temperature better.

People need to heat their homes. Doing so as efficiently as possible seems obvious. Seeking efficient home heating can help a person to have a warmer home and pay less for it.

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How Important is it to have an Energy Efficient Home Cooling System?

Efficient home cooling

There are many good reasons to want your house to have efficient home cooling and efficient home heating systems. For one thing, having an energy efficient home is good for the environment. Secondly, energy efficient home heating and cooling saves you money every month on your heating and cooling bills.

Some people believe that the most efficient home heating strategy is active solar heating. Solar heating systems harness the energy of the sun which is then used to raise the temperature of either a liquid or air. The solar heat is then either transfered to the home for immediate use, or to a storage area for later use. Sometimes, the efficient home cooling and heating solar system is not capable of providing enough energy for the space. Thus, many solar power equipped homes have an auxiliary system to provide efficient home cooling and heating.

Liquid solar heating and efficient home cooling systems can store solar energy in water tanks or in a radiant slab system as part of the masonry mass. Some tanks are pressurized while others are unpressurized. It all depends on how the solar heating and efficient home cooling system is designed. If you are thinking about buying a tank for your efficient home cooling or heating system, you need to think about the price tag, the size of the tank, its durability, and whether it should be stored inside or outside the house. You also need to come up with a plan for installing it. Some people feel comfortable installing energy efficient home cooling and heating tanks themselves, while others need a professional to do it.

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Smarter, More Efficient Temperatures at Home

Efficient home heating

Since home heating accounts for approximately 30 percent of your home energy usage, there is a trend to use the most efficient home heating systems. The new consumer has both a fiscal concern and an ever broadening concern for environmental impact of their homes and energy usage.

New advances in efficient home cooling and efficient home heating allow homeowners to capture energy from their immediate environment and convert it into usable energy for the efficient home heating systems. As a trend, heat pumps in an energy efficient home can provide up to 4 times the amount of energy that they consume in day to day usage. That represents a tremendous improvement for energy efficient home heating.

When it comes to improvements in efficient home heating systems, the heat pump is now available with a multiple speed compressor. What this means is that the heat pump has the ability to operate at the closest capacity speed for any given moment. Remember when you had to constantly adjust the thermostat to produce the preferred temperature in each room. The multiple speed compressor can better adjust to your preferred temperature, meaning you are having to manually monitor the thermostat less and less.

For a quick home efficiency tip, you can upgrade already efficient home heating systems with smarter thermostats. On the simple end, a quick addition of an electronic thermostat will provide some programmable convenience. You no longer have to adjust the thermostat when you leave for work and then when you return home. A simple programmable schedule in smart thermostats does the adjusting for you based on times you select. Want to push it even further? Smart thermostats have made technological strides in that they can predict your schedule and temperature preferences too. Efficient home heating systems continue to provide convenience and cost savings.

Have larger areas that need to temperature controlled? Use a combination of technologies to create different zones with efficient home heating systems. Your heat pumps can run independently to insure the best combination of energy efficiency, comfort, and practicality based on the different rooms or zones in your home.

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Geting Home Heating Handled Properly

Efficient home heating

If you are trying to find a way to get your home heated for a price that is going to make sense for you, then you need to try out the energy efficient home heating services that you can get from a government approved green provider that can get your efficient home heating and efficient home cooling as well. These are often the most energy efficient home providers around and by having these people on your side and there to help you, the energy efficient home heating bill will definitely be one that is much lower than what you are currently used to from the people you have right now that are giving you what they claim to be an energy efficient home.

More often than not, we find that most Americans and homeowners alike want to have energy efficient home heating but they do not know how to go about getting these energy efficient home heating services in their home in the first place! That is why the best home efficiency tip that one can get in this day in age is to really take the time to qualify and interview the companies that are claiming to give an energy efficient home heating system to you for a very low or unbelievably discounted price. The truth is, if something is seeming to be too good to be true, then chances are that it probably is. Therefore if you want some of the most efficient home heating, be prepared to talk to several providers to compare offerings, but pick the one that has energy efficient home heating at a reasonable price and that comes recommended and is trusted by others. What you will end up with in the end is efficient home heating systems that are working well for you and that are efficient in many ways as well. This is the promise that you can be assured you will have met to your standards.

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