You May Make a Better Door Than a Window, But Rest Assured Some Doors are Better Than Others!

Hot rolled steel windows and doors

A building, in its most basic form, should be comprised of three things: walls, windows, and doors. Minus a roof, those three components are arguably some of the most basic and most important! But when it comes time to install windows and doors in your building, what are your options? Of course, safety and durability are two of the biggest factors, but what kind of doors and windows can provide that to the highest degree possible?

Fire rated windows and doors are not only one of the safest options available to you, they are often among the highest quality windows and doors on the market. in 2013, over one million fires were reported in the United States. And to top that, at least one structure fire was reported every 85 seconds that year. That amounts to a number of fires that is alarmingl Continue reading

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