You May Make a Better Door Than a Window, But Rest Assured Some Doors are Better Than Others!

Hot rolled steel windows and doors

A building, in its most basic form, should be comprised of three things: walls, windows, and doors. Minus a roof, those three components are arguably some of the most basic and most important! But when it comes time to install windows and doors in your building, what are your options? Of course, safety and durability are two of the biggest factors, but what kind of doors and windows can provide that to the highest degree possible?

Fire rated windows and doors are not only one of the safest options available to you, they are often among the highest quality windows and doors on the market. in 2013, over one million fires were reported in the United States. And to top that, at least one structure fire was reported every 85 seconds that year. That amounts to a number of fires that is alarmingly high. Fire rated windows and doors are not designed to prevent fires, but they are designed to keep fire and smoke from spreading into other areas of a building. This allows enough time for a safe and timely evacuation, and less damage to your space.

Not only can fire rated windows and doors help reduce the spread of fire in a building, they can help keep a little extra money in your pocket. That’s right, these windows and doors can keep your energy bills a little bit lower every month. In the average home, approximately 20% of heat loss occurs through the windows. Steel framed windows and doors may not only allow more security in your home, they may also help keep the heat and cold where they’re supposed to be. If your AC unit is getting older and you want to make it last for as long as possible, or if you’re just looking to save a little bit of money and use less energy, there are multiple metal window options designed to help you out!

Have questions about fire rated windows and doors? Or even about the right doors for your new building or home? Don’t hesitate to call your local manufacturer, or hardware store. There are numerous options available to you, but as with anything, appropriate research is recommended. Keep your investments safe, and fire free!