How to Set Up At-Home Classroom for Your Child’s Remote Learning Program

Your commute to work changed in 2020. Your co-workers did too. While working from home during the pandemic, your children were struck learning right beside you too. This can be challenging. But, it doesn’t have to be costly. Video Source Lindsay from Organized to Save dishes out budget-friendly tips to transform any office into a […]

How a Waste Water Heat Recovery System Saves Energy

Heated water makes up the biggest part of waste for most homes, businesses, hotels, and restaurants. The ‘Green Fox’ is a gravity film exchange which creates a film of heat energy by capturing the heat of the water being disposed of and transferring this heat energy with the coil bringing fresh water in. The system […]

How To Care For Your Garage Doors

Garage doors need lubrication as part of their regular maintenance. It’s essential to use a lithium-based lubricant or silicone-based grease when greasing the necessary parts. Please don’t use an oil-based lubricant like WD-40 as it contains a degreaser. It’s important to ensure the garage door is in the down position and disconnected from the motor […]

Understanding the Need To Do Local Radon Testing

Have you already done local radon testing in your home, or are you still planning to do so? How can you keep your home thoroughly safe if you keep postponing testing for radon? Even if you install several burglar alarms and other safety devices in and around your home, they are not enough to make […]