Propane Can Be a Good Fuel Source for Your Fireplace

Water heating with propane

If you have a fireplace in your home, there are some different fuel sources you can use. Most fireplaces use wood, but many newer fireplaces run on natural gas. There also is a growing trend of using propane fuel for fireplaces. There are many reasons to have a propane fueled fireplace.

One of the main reasons to use propane for a fireplace is the increasing use of propane as the main fuel source in homes. About 16% of the nation’s more than 6 million manufactured and mobile homes use propane as their main heating fuel, and it also is popular as a main fuel source in rural homes. If propane is your main fuel source, your will get your heat from propane, do your water heating with propane, and if you want a fireplace, it will have to run on propane too.

Another reason to use propane as a fir Continue reading

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