Forget About Asbestos and Lead Paint, Is Your Home Contaminated By Radon Gas?

Vapor barrier for crawl space

While American homeowners have known about the dangers of lead paint and lead contamination for decades, they may remain unaware of the dangers of radon contamination. Radon is a noble gas that is a by-product of Uranium decomposing slowly into lead. It is not used in many scientific settings and is considered hazardous in a residential setting. Radon is currently listed as the second most common cause of lung cancer, and homeowners in every state are looking into residential radon testing for their properties.

Homes that are at risk for radon contamination need to be tested: environmental health agencies recently conducted residential radon testing in thousands of homes — across seven states — and determined that 33% of the homes tested had levels of radon that were too high. Buildi Continue reading

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