Water Well Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

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If you and your family rely on a private ground water well, you are certainly not alone. There are more than 15 million households around the United States who do. Ground water is used by all private wells. If you have a well already or if you are considering putting one in, you should know that it will be your responsibility to keep it well maintained. Should yours become contaminated with foreign materials, substances or even surface water, it can get into and contaminate both your well and the aquifer making it dangerous for a much larger number of people. The best well digging services recommend the following tips to keep wells running as they should.

Do not service your well yourself.

Many people who put in wells assume they can take care of most of the problems that their water well may experience. Unfortunately, that is not normally how things shake out. In trying to avoid calling in the best well digging services to help, homeowners end up trying to do the work themselves and they end up making the situation worse.

The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) recommends that private water well owners call in a professional well drilling services or maintenance company to fix any problems they encounter. They have training in this but they also have equipment and know ways to handle these problems that most people do not have access to or experience doing. Not only can you make your original problem worse but when homeowners open the seal for a well, they also may end up introducing dangerous bacteria to the well. If this gets into the local aquifer, it can cause a public health crisis. It will save a lot of time, effort and money to just call in professionals.

Note: One common thing homeowners assume is that if they just add more chlorine to their well, they will keep it running clean and clear. In fact, many think that “the more chlorine, the better.” Chlorine has some great uses but dumping it in a well is not a good substitute for real preventative maintenance.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We have all heard that phrase and it is very appropriate when dealing with private wells. When asked by the NGWA, nearly 80% of all owners of private wells had never had their wells inspected. Having a professional inspect your well means they can identify small problems before they have a chance to grow into large ones that are expensive to fix. The problem is that the quality of your water is not just a matter of taste but health and safety as well. If you have a water well to ensure your family has access to safe, healthy and reliable water, you need to make sure it stays healthy and safe by getting your well inspected regularly.

Water well inspections need to include the following:

  • A flow test to check the system output.
  • A check of all well parts and equipment to ensure they are sanitary and comply with all codes.
  • A check for nitrates and bacteria. These are common problems in many water tanks.
  • A report of all of their findings that is clear and concise.

The best well digging services experts and the NGWA recommend the following for maintaining you well.

  • Any well drilling, water well sealing or other well maintenance professionionals need to have the proper certifications and licenses. Ask the companies but verify this. You cannot be too careful when you are dealing with your water for your home.
  • Have your well checked at least once a year (if you notice a problem such as a change in how yor water tastes or smells, you should have it checked). Make sure they check your well and water tanks for bacteria, nitrates or other contaminants.
  • Keep an eye on your well for cracks or other problems with the casings and cover.
  • Never store hazardous chemicals anywhere near your well. These include paint, motor oil and fertilizer (even organic fertilizers, bird poop may make great fertilizer but you do not want it in your water).

Your well is very important to you family. The best best well digging services experts recommend taking these simple measures to keep the water running smoothly.

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