Autumn is Coming 3 Issues Autumn Leaves Can Cause Around Your Home

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Summer is still in full swing, but every day brings you, and your trees, closer to autumn. While the season is revered for the beauty of its falling leaves, they can often be as annoying as they are beautiful.
Autumn should be a season of cozy nights by the campfire with warm apple cider, not a season of maintenance issues around your home. To be prepared for the coming season, here are three autumn leaf issues you should be wary of.
Clogged Gutters

There are few tasks as disliked as cleaning the gutters. However, during the spring and especially during autumn, gutter cleaning is an essential part of the process to keep your house in tip-top shape. Autumn leaves may look beautiful as they fall from the trees, but not so much when they fall into your gutters, get soggy, and subsequently stop your gutters from doing their job. You should be inspecting your gutters regularly during every season, but especially during autumn. If you leave them unkempt for too long, expert cleaning and even gutter repair services may be necessary.
Slipping Hazards

Autumn leaves make the ground a beautiful sight, but when they get wet, slipping hazards become extremely apparent. Much like snow, wet, fallen leaves should be cleared from your driveway, as well as any walkways and patios around your home regularly. Not only will you be preventing slips and falls, you’ll be beautifying your home in the process.
Pest Problems

Every kid loves jumping into a great big pile of leaves, but the truth is that pests like beetles and ticks love it even more. These kinds of insects and other creepy crawlies dwell in dead foliage, and if your children jump into that pile of leaves, they could be bringing them inside. Not only that, termites can often be found in dead leaves. Make sure to rake up and dispose of the leaves in your yard!
Autumn is a season that should be enjoyed to the fullest, but taking care of your family and home can make it more safe and enjoyable for everyone.