10 Cheap Ways to Update Home Features and Boost Your Curb Appeal

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. In addition to making regular home repairs, you may want to do some updates to increase property value or improve aesthetics. While making renovations can be expensive at times, you can find 10 cheap ways to update home features by using this guide.

1. Renovate Your Roof

Your residential roof is a vital part of the structure of your home. It protects you and your family from the elements and helps to provide a comfortable temperature at all times. Your roof is one of the areas of your home that’s only visible from the outside, so you may consider roofing services to come in just for aesthetics. However, you’ll usually need a roof upgrade or replacement due to the age of the roof or ongoing problems such as cracks, holes, and leaks.

You won’t be at a loss for choices when it comes to roofing materials. Some of the most expensive roofing materials include metal and slate. So why would this be included among cheap ways to update home features? According to Bob Vila, a metal roof can last for as long as 50 to 70 years. While the upfront fee may be pricey, you’ll get the most out of it compared to other roofs, since you’ll only have to pay for it once, and it can last beyond the lifespan that you’ll live in that house.

If you want a cheaper roofing option that’s also popular, you can’t lose out on asphalt tiling. Asphalt is highly associated with American houses. If you want a colorful range of roof options, asphalt tiling provides a range of colors and styles. So regardless of what color you paint your house, you may be able to find asphalt tiling that can match it. Another reason to consider asphalt tiling is its eco-friendliness. Like metal roofing, asphalt is highly recyclable and can be used in other ways. Once your asphalt tiles have exacerbated their lifespan, you may see them recycled and used for paving.

2. Upgrade Your Patio

When looking for cheap ways to update your home exterior footage, you should hire a patio paver. Make use of the backyard by having a deck for you to sit and relax on. A patio can let you drink coffee, relax, take a nap, and entertain outside on a warm summer day or under the stars at night.

According to The Spruce, having a patio near the kitchen helps enlarge and connect both your cooking and dining space. In other words, it can help your kitchen appear larger than it is. You’ll always be able to enjoy a nice view right from the kitchen. You have many different styles to choose from when it comes to patio construction. Patio pavers can focus on installing an open deck area or they can screen it in for further protection against bugs and extra UV rays.

Use cheap ways to update home patio spaces by choosing the right furniture. There’s no point in having a patio if you don’t have any place to sit and relax. That’s where furniture comes in. If you have a screened patio, you’ll have more options with furniture types. A screen allows you to have more plush seating and better tables similar to what you have in the interior home.

When you have an open patio, you have to consider the weather and elements. Do you live in an area with extreme heat? If so, UV rays can cause your furniture cushions to fade. How about rain? If you live in an area with wet weather, you have to worry about your cushions becoming soaked or exposed to mold. In other words, if you opt for open patio space, you should get furniture that’s foldable and easy to store inside or hard furniture with removable pillows.

3. Update Your HVAC System

Cheap ways to update home comfort include installing a new HVAC system. Your HVAC unit is responsible for all the heating, cooling, and ventilation circulation throughout your home. Making sure that you have a functional unit as soon as possible can prevent damage to your belongings and health.

One of the best ways you can upgrade your AC unit is by installing an Energy Star system. These appliances are energy efficient and reduce your carbon imprint. Using these types of AC units means lower utility bills since their efficiency means you can avoid having the cool air on blast in summer or the heater high in winter. You’re also less likely to have problems with carbon poisoning or moldy filters, so you’ll also save by preventing medical issues that can result from a malfunctioning AC.

A mini split service is a ductless cooling and heating system. It’s another type of system in which homeowners can save on energy costs and have a long-lasting unit as long as they have regular AC inspection service.

4. Revamp Your Windows

When you’re thinking of cheap ways to update home features, your list should always include your windows. Your windows are the gateway to the outside world, so they’re vulnerable to air and other elements. If your home still has single-pane windows, it’s time to call a local window company to install double-pane ones. Double-pane windows are way more energy efficient, as they have better sealing to keep outside air from coming inside. They also prevent warm air from escaping in winter or cool air in summer, so your AC won’t have to be on blast to keep your internal home temperature comfortable.

Once you have energy-efficient windows installed that can save you money, you can invest in window treatments. When it comes to cheap ways to update home windows, you can start by looking at blinds. Blinds come in different styles and materials, including vinyl, plastic, wood, and aluminum. You can layer several types of curtain materials over your blinds. Use sheer or lace curtains in summer and add heavier curtains in winter.

If you have problems sleeping, you can use your window treatments to ensure you get the best sleep possible. If you’re blind and curtains don’t hold out enough light, you can invest in blackout curtains, shades, and shutters.

5. Spruce Up Your Fence

Residential fencing is among many cheap ways to update home security. According to experts, a good security fence should be about six to seven feet high to prevent intruders. Local fencers can install a protective fence in many materials, such as wood, vinyl, barbed wire, and metal.

The type of fencing material you choose can evolve around the aesthetic you prefer or the amount of maintenance you anticipate in the future. For example, metal is the strongest material to use, but updates may take longer for fencers to do so. However, a wooden fence is easy to update as local fencers only have to remove the damaged wooden post and replace it with a new one.

6. Restore Your Plumbing

Any comfortable home should always have up-to-date plumbing. The first step in restoring your plumbing should involve inspecting your pipes. Local plumbing contractors should check for cracks and other vulnerabilities that can cause leaks. Leaks can lead to severe water damage that can harm the foundation of your home and cost you a lot of money. Cheap ways to upgrade home pipes include adding insulation to them. When plumbing contractors insulate your pipes, it can protect them from extreme weather that can cause the pipes to burst.

As plumbers check your pipes, they can also note any drainage issues and get to the source of the problem. It’s never a good idea to use harsh chemicals when you have clogs in your drain. Doing so can decrease the lifespan of your pipes, as the chemicals will eat away at them and possibly seep out from your septic tank. Allowing plumbers to restore your plumbing is a cheap way to prevent more expensive problems down the road.

7. Remodel Your Cabinets

Your cabinets aren’t just a place to store your kitchen dishes and appliances. They also add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Cheap ways to update home cabinets include refurbishing and repainting. Interior painters can breathe fresh life into existing cabinets by giving them a fresh coat of paint along with the rest of your kitchen walls. They can paint different designs on the front of your cabinets to change the mood or create a new theme.

Custom cabinet makers are an option if you’re ready to revamp your entire kitchen storage unit. These contractors can create the cabinets of your dreams from different materials and styles. One of the trending options for cabinets includes sleek designs that don’t have external handle fixtures. Opt for hidden cabinets that store your appliances as well as pull-out shelving. If you’re no longer fond of cabinet doors and want a more open look, contractors can build doorless cabinet models or have transparency through glass doors.

8. Renew Your Garage

Did you know that your garage takes up as much as a third of your external home space? Therefore, it’s one of the cheap ways to update home curb appeal. Local garage door services can ensure your garage door is up-to-date in terms of function while matching the aesthetics of your house. Your garage shouldn’t be thought of as a separate entity only to house your cars. With the right installation, you can have a garage door that matches the rest of your home and can be just as beautiful as any other entryway on your property.

9. Safeguard Against Pests

Can you imagine going through the effort of creating a beautiful home and updating your landscape only to be invaded by destructive pests? When it comes to cheap ways to update home protection, pest control services should be at the top of the list. What does pest control have to do with protecting your home? While cockroaches, termites, and rodents don’t Invade your home to steal money, their presence will cost you tons of money down the road if you don’t do something about it.

Termites are known for feasting on wood. However, they don’t just cause minor damage. An uncontrolled termite infestation can destroy any structure, such as your home, in as little as three years, according to Pest Control Zone. A home with a destroyed foundation simply won’t be sellable and is an expense that you’ll have to eat. So if you have a home that you would like to pass down to your heirs, that won’t be possible if you let termites have their way.

Rats and mice are known for seeking out food and water sources. In their search for food in your kitchens and anywhere else, they don’t hesitate to poop and pee in that same area. Therefore, your food supply can easily become contaminated in a short amount of time. Thanks to inflation, the price of food has continued to rise and the last thing you need is to throw out tons of food daily or weekly because of an uncontrolled rodent situation.

10. Clear Out Junk

When it comes to cheap ways to update home space, you should consider decluttering your home. A home that’s filled with tons of junk is susceptible to a pest infestation because you’re giving them plenty of places to hide and nest. It can be hard to fully enjoy your home when you have tons of boxes, extra furniture, and other items that you’re not using. By clearing out your property of unneeded items, you’ll be able to properly visualize how you can renovate your home for the better. So call that local junk removal company now.

You shouldn’t be intimidated in the process of updating your home. The process can be fun and you can learn things about your house. Don’t worry about doing everything all at once. Use this guide to take things one step at a time. Prioritize your list of things that you need to do in your home and work from there. After following advice from this guide, you may find other cheap ways to update your home!