12-Year-Old Converts Familys Garage To Haunted House For Charity

Imagine a haunted house that has the ideal balance between fun and scary. Charlie Dilla mastered this mission in 2016 with his haunted house for charity. The then-12-year-old created a destination experience meant to help those in need.

“It’s big and a lot of people are excited for it,” Dilla said of his haunted house experience. “And you want people to have the best experience they can have,” the youngster shared with the press.

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Charlie Dilla’s idea for a haunted house for charity came from his love for Halloween and heart for the less fortunate. The youngster saw a need and decided to do something about the situation instead of feeling helpless. Charlie Dilla did not have commercial garage door openers or other high-tech designs. The youngster did, however, have a vision for his haunted house destination.

Lighting and effects were the main attractions at Charlie Dilla’s haunted house. Spiders were strategically placed throughout the venue. Lighting was also a big part of the atmosphere. Purple and green lights intertwined to create a vibrant experience that was memorable to no end.

Perhaps, the best part about Charlie’s haunted house experience was the motivation behind the project. The youngster charged admission for the sake of charity.

Dilla’s goal was to raise $400 for those in need, which was $100 more than the previous year in which he aimed to raise $300 for charity.

The community got behind Charlie’s mission by lining up to pay the $3 admission fee to tour the youngster’s haunted house, which was essentially his parents’ garage. The kids in the community were especially excited about the experience. Not only did visitors have the opportunity to dress up for Halloween but they also encountered several real-life characters in Charlie’s haunted house who popped out of boxes and hideaways to deliver a bit more scariness.

Of course, the volunteers made the real-life characters of Charlie’s haunted house a possibility. They, too, were on board with the mission driving the project, which was charity.

At just 12-years-old, Charlie Dilla proved himself capable of creating and delivering a big project such as a haunted house. It is only a wonder what the youngster is doing now that he is a teen and what Charlie plans to do as an adult. One this is for certain, though, the Dilla household will forever be the spot where a garage was turned into a haunted house in the name of charity.