3 Items You Might Not Have Thought To Donate

Each year, Americans donate a whopping 4.7 billion pounds of clothes to charity. Purple Heart foundations such as Green Drop facilitate the distribution of huge amounts of clothes donations to disabled veterans, ensuring that those who have served can live comfortable and dignified lives. For those who are especially committed to the cause, there is even more that they can do beyond donate clothes. Read on to find out what other items wounded veterans charities such as Green Drop can accept — you may be surprised by some of them.

  1. Kitchenware
    Everybody needs to eat, but some people lack the basic household items that we take for granted. If you have cutlery that you are replacing, or pots and pans that you never use, consider donating them to charity. These essential possessions may be difficult for injured veterans to acquire, so donating them to charities for wounded soldiers is extremely important.
  2. Sporting Goods
    When we think of items that our nation’s wounded heroes need, sporting goods may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet the recreational activities in which our veterans can still participate can be an important source of joy for them, and can be a fun way for them to spend time with their relatives. Even if a veteran is not using the goods themselves, they can give them to a child, grandchild, niece, or nephew as a gift.
  3. Musical Instruments
    Music is one of the universal human joys which brings us all together. Since a disabled veteran may have more free time than they are accustomed to, a musical instrument can be the perfect hobby to get back into. Or if they are starting to play for the first time, the instrument will be a welcome challenge. Consider taking the guitar that has been gathering dust in your house to a Green Drop drop-off location, as it just might find a new home where it will be greatly appreciated.

Just as it is a good deed to donate clothes, it is also good to donate those other items people may not think of. Look through your house for items from this list that you no longer need, and drop them off at a Green Drop location — there is a veteran out there who will thank you!