3 Popular Materials for Repairing Foundations

If you’re wanting to start a business or simply invest, it’s wise to think about purchasing commercial properties. While this is known to be extremely profitable, there are costs you’ll likely need to take care of. Therefore, it’s important to understand how foundation problems can impact your properties. At some point throughout their lives, many property owners will have to deal with some type of foundation problems. During these times, you’ll want to have a foundation repair company visit your business to analyze the current problems. Before receiving a soil analysis, you’ll want to understand what types of services commercial foundation repair companies provide. Here are three types of commercial foundation repair materials.

  • High Density Foam

    There are many types of foam. However, a certain kind of foam material offers immense strength and protection against wear. Known as polyurethane foam, this material is commonly used by commercial foundation repair companies to fix slab foundational issues. Research shows that many homes built throughout Texas less than 50 years ago are on a slab foundation.
  • Concrete Piers

    One of the most popular types of building materials is concrete. With that in mind, commercial foundation repair companies often pour in concrete to create piers. These piers are great for repairing multiple types of foundations. Before steel piers rose to prominence, many foundation companies depended on concrete for their repairs.
  • Steel Piers

    It’s difficult to construct a building without using piers and beams. These types of foundations feature joists which are about 18 inches apart while piers are able to be spaced up to 12 feet from each other. Throughout history, workers continue to utilize steel piers to repair foundations. This is because steel piers are fairly easy to install. In addition, steel piers also provide immense durability which helps to ensure a foundation remains protected for long periods of time.

To summarize, there are several ways commercial foundation repair companies take care of foundational issues. Unfortunately, many types of foundations issues will only worsen with the passage of time. Therefore, it’s wise to take care of foundation problems before they spiral out of control. If you’re dealing with these issues at home, you’ll want to find a company that provides both commercial and residential foundation repair services.