5 Signs You Should Replace Your Carpet

Many homeowners don’t realize when they should actually replace their carpet. Whether it’s a throw rug, a wall-to-wall carpet, or an area rug, here are five signs it’s time to kick it to the curb.


1. You can’t get rid of that smell


No one likes coming home to a house that smells bad. This problem gets even worse if you have pets or small children who are accident-prone. Even after countless days spent spot cleaning and steam cleaning, if you can’t get rid of that smell, it’s time to invest in a new carpet or opt for an easy-to-clean surface, like ceramic tiles or laminate flooring.


2. It’s warped beyond repair


A warped carpet is hard to fix. This usually means that the carpet has been stretched beyond the capacity of its shape, but warping also occurs when heavy furniture isn’t moved for long periods of time. These ripples and warps often look terrible to homeowners, but even worse, it can lead to more accidents should someone trip over them.


3. It’s at least three different shades


Over time, it’s likely that your carpet will transition from its original color to something a little more unsightly. These shifting hues are likely a result from too much sun exposure, wearing down the fibers in high traffic areas, or frequent cleanings that scrub away the dye.


While you can try to repair it, it’s more likely that you’ll need to send it to the dump and rely on new soft carpets to improve your living room styles.


4. Wear and tear has left it unrecognizable


While carpets with short fibers typically last longer than their long-threaded counterparts, every carpet is susceptible to wear and tear. This can also result in different shades throughout your carpet, but in especially severe cases, you might be able to see the thread backing on your floor.


You should also look for signs of fraying or thinning in high-traffic areas. While some rugs can be fixed if the wear is caught early enough, more often than not, you might need a new carpet installation.


5. You want a fresh, new look


Your carpet doesn’t have to fall apart in order to buy a newer option. New styles and trends have a huge influence on how we perceive our home. A new carpet can transform a room and make you fall in love with your home again. While you shouldn’t replace it every other year, there’s no harm in growing tired of the look of your home and wanting something new.