A Simple Touch-Up To Bring Your Home Together The Growing Popularity Of The American Cabinet Industry

What do you feel when you return home?

If you said any adjectives along the lines of ‘inspired’ or ‘relaxed’, you’re in a very good place! If you felt a little wishy-washy about the notion, however…you might want to stick around. Home renovation is an important part of the homeowning process, but it’s one that’s easy to fall out of touch with. You lead a busy life, after all, and there’s only so much you can get done within the week. A single home renovation has the power to give you a lot with very little.

Spice up your home. Spice up your week. Here are five solid ideas you can try this year to improve the state of your home and all that entails.

The Psychology Behind A Beautiful, Well-Maintained Home

There’s a reason you’re not feeling quite yourself when you return home. A house that’s filled with outdated furniture or is a little cluttered can really wear down your mood. Several studies on the link between clutter and anxiety have helped us better understand the good a home renovation can do for your health. You can get rid of old furniture that isn’t quite doing it for you — this can mean rearranging some things or tossing them out entirely! Cabinets are a rather popular addition because they kill two birds with one stone.

A Smart Bathroom Remodel Can Net You A High ROI

Where should you start on your way to a more homely home? Your master bathroom could probably use a little work! According to recent studies the American remodeling industry sees 10 million kitchens and 15 million bathrooms tweaked every year. Houzz conducted a study that found master bathroom remodels cost an average of $11,000. When you consider how much ROI you’ll net from installing new accent lighting or a fresh new cabinet…it more than pays for itself.

There’s Nothing Like A New Kitchen To Change How You Look At Things

If your bathroom is looking all right, the kitchen is a good place to consider, too. Cabinets usually account for 40% to 50% of total kitchen remodel costs today, according to recent studies. Back in 2018, in fact, around 15% of homeowners actively planned on making improvement to their kitchen spaces. Sometimes this involves installing an island — useful for when you like to multi-task — and other times it means setting up a cabinet with concealed hinges. What do you want to see in your kitchen?

Not All Renovations Need Involve The Whole House

For many the term ‘home renovation’ comes with a lot of long days and exhaustive planning. The good thing about it all, however, is you don’t have to commit all the way. You can just look up cute drawer slides for now and focus on the rest later. The American kitchen cabinet is projected to grow to a nice and tidy $17 billion by 2021 — an interesting study saw around 50% of Millennials leaning toward white cabinets, compared to 40% of Baby Boomers. Cabinets with concealed hinges and cabinet locks are a perfect addition to any space.

DIY Homeowning Projects Are Becoming More Popular

Sometimes to do something right you have to do them yourself. Do-it-yourself (or DIY for short) are great way to get in touch with your creative side. If you’re already familiar with the basics of a toolbox, you might want to consider installing your very own cabinet as part of your home renovation project. Cabinets allow you to better organize your space while still adding some decor to shake up the view — you can customize them with adjustable shelving hardware and even quaint cabinet lighting. Concealed hinges are a popular addition, both for their efficiency and smooth appearance.

Shake things up without going too far. See what a new cabinet with concealed hinges or display case lighting can do to make your home feel more wholesome.