AC Maintenance Tips

AC maintenance can be a tricky thing to approach. You want to make sure you are going into it with a base of knowledge that will help you do it correctly. Watch this video for tips on how to properly service your AC.

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You want to start by clearing out the area of any debris. You don’t want outside things getting into the unit that will cause future issues. A quick cleaning should do the trick. Then you’ll want to rinse the condenser units. These are essential to the functionality of your unit so you want to make sure they are clean and properly maintained. You can do this by spraying the unit with a hose. Then you want to perform a visual inspection.

You want to make sure the unit doesn’t have any obvious breaks or leaks and this can be done by just scanning it with your own eyes. If you see any obvious problems, you’ll want to make sure you address them accordingly. You do not want to ignore any glaring problems while performing AC maintenance. Then you will want to inspect the indoor AC unit. This is to ensure it is working properly and that there are no underlying issues that need to be taken care of.

For more AC maintenance tips, watch the whole video right away.