Advantages of the Hardwood Floors Washington DC Businesses Provide


The USDA’s Forest Service estimates that the annual average net growth for hardwoods is larger than the annual average removals. This alone should be reason enough to scoop up the best hardwood floors washington dc companies have available or the typical hardwood floors Rockville MD offers. But it is just one of a group of strong advantages that the hardwood flooring Maryland and Washington DC companies sell have. According to the EPA, for example, having hardwood flooring enhances the air quality of an interior space.

Another advantage the hardwood floors Washington DC businesses sell have is their durability. Linoleum, which derives from the Latin word linum, or flax, and oleum, or oil, has its place in kitchens and bathrooms. But it does not prove as durable as hardwood flooring, and increasingly homeowners are adding hardwood flooring to their kitchens because of this. And carpeting, whose earliest surviving pile was discovered in 1949 in Siberia as an Armenian Pazyryk Carpet dating back to the 4th or 5th century BC, has its spot in living rooms and even bedrooms. But again, after speaking with most providers of carpet Washington DC has available or most providers of flooring Washington DC offers, most will note that their sales have dropped off in favor of the best hardwood floors Washington DC offers. Bamboo, however, is a solid choice according to DC flooring specialists because it is environmentally friendly and grows as many as 47 inches in a one day span.
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