Affordable and Efficient Chimney Liners

Chimney caps

Chimney liners that are constructed from stainless steel have several advantages to more traditional chimney liners. The most significant advantage is the fact that stainless steel chimney flue liners are less expensive. Chimney flue liners have three main purposes. The purposes of chimney liners include protecting the home from heat, protecting masonry from corrosion due to combustion, and make the chimney more efficient by fitting the correct size chimney flue liners to fit the heating appliance. Chimney liners can also reduce the buildup of creosote, which increases with poorly fitted chimney liners or chimney flue liners.

In addition to chimney flue liners and steel chimney liners, there are a number of parts that help keep a chimney safe, clean, and working properly. A couple important ones are chimney caps and chimney covers, which help to keep out dirt, leaves, critters, and other debris. Chimneys became necessary to allow for homes to have more than a single floor. The importance of chimney sweeps was particularly important during medievel times, when a single fire might threaten enire villages. In Victorian England, children were commonly used to clean chimneys, but the danger of the work led to a law that forbade the employment of persons under the age of 21 as chimney sweeps.

Without the quality chimney flue liners of today, the number of destructive chimney fires that occurred in the past is understandble. Luckily, chimney fires are far less common with the affordable, snug fitting, and long lasting chimney flue liners that are available today. For those who are looking to convert their chimney into the safest most efficient chimney it can be, try high quality chimney liners.