Avoid Roofers That Cut these Corners

The roof serves as a protective barrier for the structure of a home. Therefore, people should demand the most excellent quality when they invest money in a new roof or roof repair. However, many roofing contractors cut corners on quality to fit in more work and save time. Therefore, for customers to feel confident that their money is being well-spent on a roofing project, they need to know how to detect whether the job is done to the highest standards.

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Do your homework before hiring a roofing contractor to know the most typical methods in which they attempt to save money. For example, the manufacturer outlines the number of nails per shingle and the nailing patterns prescribed by roofing manufacturers. However, cutting down on the number of nails used per shingle may affect the roof’s performance.

Second-class shingles are akin to overstock from a manufacturing plant. As a result, they’re cheaper due to the faults in the manufacturing process and are more prone to malfunction. To avoid this cost-saving approach, use a roofing contractor that has manufacturer certification.

To keep rainwater from leaking beneath the edge of the roof, drip edges are used as flashing. It’s not a roofing need, but it helps avoid moisture damage near the roof’s edge, which usually happens. Lastly, watch the video to find out more before starting your project.