Best Questions to Ask Your Roofer

A roofer can make your job easy. If you do not know to maintain your roof or do roof replacement at your expense, hiring one can take your problems in just a minute.

Hiring a quality and skilled roofer can give you lots of benefits.

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Property owners must know what qualities to look for before hiring a contractor or a roofing specialist.

Here are some qualities to take before hiring a roofer. We have listed five questions that you need to ask them.
What is your office address?
Knowing your roofer’s address is also vital. It will help you ensure their legitimacy, and you can inspect their physical office firsthand.
What is your contractor license number?
Knowing your contractor’s license number is strong proof that the ones you are hiring are legally owned and operated. License numbers can be hard to copy, and many are also afraid to tamper with such public documents, for it is punishable by law.
Do you have worker company insurance?
This question is also crucial to ask. All workers must be fully insured and bonded. It can save you from future problems and additional costs.
Do you require money upfront?
Don’t be shy to ask if the contractor needs money right before the job.
Will you help me pay my deductible?
It is also essential to know if the company you hire helps you with the taxes.