Best Tips for Finding a Roof Leak

If you think you may have a leaking roof, or if you are conducting a roof inspection, it is important to be able to find leaks, especially if they may be hidden. In this video, you will learn all about roof leaks and how to find them, and this advice comes straight from a roofing expert.

The roofing expert in this video will show you how to check under shingles for wet spots, and how to identify wet spots. A wet spot is a sign that water is seeping where it shouldn’t be.

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Another identifier for wet spots is to feel with your hands in case the moisture is evaporating faster than you can see it. He also explains how to follow the path of least resistance to track a downhill water trail backward in order to find the source of the leak. With the information this video provides, you will be able to track and find water leaks like a pro so you can repair your leaking roof.