Can You Side an Entire House By Yourself

When your house needs to have your siding replaced it is time to make some decisions. Should you attempt the siding project as a DIY project or should you hire a siding contracting professional? There is a lot to consider when you are deciding if you can take on your siding project as a DIY project.

This video shows you how one homeowner took on a siding project as a DIY project. This tutorial is very informative and gives you directions for the step-by-step process of siding a home.

Video Source

The presenter makes it look easy but there are still things you should keep in mind. For example, the size of your home must be considered. If you have a single-story ranch it is a lot easier to replace the siding yourself than if you have a two-story home.

This video from Chad DIY can help you decide if this is a project you want to take on your own or not. Watch the video to see if you are up to the challenge or if it is best just to call in the professionals.