Chesapeake VA is a Great Place to Live

Chesapeake homes for sale

The weather is pleasant. The people are friendly. The living is unhurried and satisfying.

What’s not to like about Chesapeake, VA?

Starting your search for your next residence with Chesapeake new homes makes a lot of sense. The average price of Chesapeake houses for sale in 2009 was $280,000, and that was more than twice the value of an average home in 2000. Even so, the median house price declined 25 percent with the economy’s movement down since 2008, but in the first quarter of 2013, there was a dramatic uptick.

The people moving into Chesapeake new homes indicate a stable, upwardly mobile populace: median age is 37, household income (from 2009) is $65,000, a little higher than the rest of Virginia. A third of the people in Chesapeake new homes have a degree, and about a third of them have a graduate degree. Fully 60 percent of Chesapeake City’s residents are married.

Sounds like a family area. The city’s population is 223,000, up 12 percent from 2000, so it’s no wonder that an average of 650 new homes are being built every year. Taxes are gentle, with the median amount for a home with a mortgage at $2,600 in 2009.

Chesapeake homes for sale support a lot of different lifestyles, with condos readily available, single family detached homes in good supply, and sumptuous and impressive estate homes dotting the landscape as well. Chesapeake new homes are energy efficient, with many built with “green” features that are sensitive to the environment and long lasting. The variety of Chesapeake new homes is one of the area’s alluring features.

New homes chesapeake va sit in an area surrounded by state and national parks, great beaches with an easy drive, and easy access to other cities in this great part of Virginia. Schools in the area are among the best in the state, with lots of activities and sports for kids. A maturing family with teens and tweens will find lots to do.

The draw, of course, for people looking for Chesapeake new homes, is that this area is one of the best places to live in the continental United States. Ask any who has set down roots here.