Choosing a Color Scheme For Your Garden

Gardens are a great way to express your creativity while getting more in touch with nature. You can unleash your inner artist as you plan out the look of your garden, creating beauty and flow within the space. One way to do this is by plotting color schemes that will look stunning and eye catching.

There’s nothing wrong with going wild when it comes to garden colors and blending everything together, but if you want a more structured look you can choose colors that compliment each other. If you’re not sure where to start or what looks good together, you can read on for some tips.

Consult the Color Wheel

One of the fastest ways to find out what colors look great together is to consult a color wheel. Colors that are across from each other on the wheel are called complementary colors and tend to go well with one another due to the contrast between them. Pairing yellows with purple or oranges with blues makes for a bright and beautiful sight.

Check Out Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to find all kinds of creative answers. You can do a quick search for color schemes and be graced with all sorts of beautiful color palettes. Browse through these and find ones you like, then find flowers that reflect them. You can also search “garden color schemes” for more ideas.

Utilize Green Plants and Succulents

A great way to break up color schemes is with green plants and succulents. If you want to do more than one color scheme and want them to be separated, you can do so with these options. They will add some greenery and texture to spaces in between bursts of color and add depth to your garden.

Dark, Light, or Both

It also helps to decide whether you prefer darker colors, lighter colors, or a mix of both. There are plenty of plants out there with deeper shades if that’s you’re thing and lots with bright, vibrant colors if that’s more your taste. Sometimes mixing deeper blues and purples with vibrant yellows and oranges makes for an eye catching contrast.

Have Fun With It

The important thing is to be creative and have fun. Visit a garden store or plant nursery to ask for tips or gather ideas, and let your imagination run wild.