Choosing The Right Portable Construction Equipment For Your Project

Electric scissor lift

Construction is a hazardous field. It has a unique monopoly on minor to severe injuries sustained during projects across the country and causes many contractors to seek out the safest methods possible. Portable lifting equipment is one of the best ways of managing day-to-day obligations during construction while reducing the risk for error, be it an aerial scissor lift or earth moving equipment.

American Construction Industry

The United States boasts some of the most consistently high industry figures in construction. With a market share of just over 10%, the country is the second largest construction market around the world. Private and commercial buildings are both worth nearly $296 billion, while sales of light construction equipment have increased by 11% year after year. This has also extended to commercial areas, such as condos and hotels.

American Roofing Industry

Similar to the construction industry, the American roofing industry has been doing extremely well this past decade. It’s expected to grow to nearly $6 billion over the next several years and there are currently over 50,000 establishments currently engaged in installation, siding, roofing and sheet metal work. Additional skills include consultation, exterior design, interior design and remodeling. Overall, the roofing industry is valued at a total of $31 billion.

General Construction Equipment

Construction equipment comes in a wide variety of forms to properly address as many different needs as possible. Portable lifting equipment, in particular, is known for its easy transportation qualities. By 2015 the global construction equipment market was estimated to be sized at well over $145 billion. Construction can be as simple as a repair job on a school or as complex as building an entirely new apartment complex in a downtown area of a major city.

Common Construction Choices

Portable lifting equipment are one of the most commonly picked resources for the average project. These include, but are not limited to, crawler dozers, crawler excavators and aerial work platforms — however, wheel loaders have ranked among the most important product categories for the past few years. A telescopic handler (also known as a telehandler) is a machine widely used in the agricultural industry. In any industry the most common attachment for a telehandler is the pallet fork, while the most common application is to move loads to and from places considered unreachable for the average forklift.

Choosing Your Equipment

For a project to be as safe and efficient as possible you need to curry the right resources. Portable lifting equipment is designed to reduce the risk of injury and to increase the probability of a job done right, allowing you to lift, transfer and hold throughout the allotted project time frame. There are well over seven million men and women currently employed in the construction industry and that number is expected to increase as both general construction and roofing continue to see impressive yearly figures. Whether it’s an electric boom lift or just becoming acquainted with aerial lift training requirements, rest easy knowing you’ve got all you need to get the job done.