Common Tips For Your Washer Repair

Oftentimes, we need washer repairs that we aren’t sure how to properly diagnose. Following some tips and advice from experienced people or even a professional might be the best choice for you in this situation. If your dryer is making a clunking noise, you may not know exactly where the sound is located or coming from in the machine.

Video Source

Sometimes, people document their own experience online by posting a video or blog when they were able to do washer repairs the successfully on their own dryer. The center piece may not be spinning properly during the wash cycle, which could possibly be fixed with a new motor coupler being installed. Most major washer brands will have the same process to access this part, and you will need a new coupler, a hammer, flathead screw driver, and a ratchet of the proper socket size. This job can take about five minutes, and the price of the coupler is inexpensive for this kind of fix. You will want to tilt your washer on an angle and put a jack stand underneath, and you should shut off the electrical source as well as the water outlets for safety.