Concrete Sealers Questions Answered

Because of the wide variety of uses, concrete sealants are used for all kinds projects. When considering using concrete sealants, it’s important to have any questions answered to get the best results.

What Sealant is Best for Stamp Concrete?
This depends on the look you are after.

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If you want a more natural looking concrete without a high sheen, you want to use a water-based acrylic type of sealant. If you are after a wet or darker look, you’re going to want to use an acrylic solvent based concrete sealant. These are the two best kinds of sealants to use for these results.

Should a Solvent Based Sealant be Placed Over a Water Based?
The simple answer is no. Applying a solvent based sealant over a water based sealant is generally a bad idea because the solvent based can eat away or soften the water based sealant so it is likely to ruin both coatings. Coats of water based sealant should be applied on top of water based sealants to avoid these issues.

What Affects the Application of Concrete Sealants?
It’s important to consider a few different factors when putting down concrete sealants. The time of day, humidity level and temperature all affect the quality of your concrete sealant application. For example, when there is a lot of dew it can get absorbed into the concrete and when the sun comes out, that moisture comes out of the concrete causing outgassing. This creates blisters in the concrete that ruin the look you are after.

If you are struggling with applying concrete sealants yourself, it’s best to speak with a professional.